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2, Tamagawa, Ota-ku HOUSE


The building appearance The house such as the old folk house spinning history.

The building appearance There is "an atmosphere" to be relieved at.

The entrance There are the bold beam or pillar which I want to leave.

The first-floor Japanese-style room Recall me to a feeling to cherish; live.

Basement There is romance in the basement.

The second-floor Japanese-style room Atmosphere to feel history

The building appearance I repair the roof.

The entrance The entrance circumference that can taste the presence of the tree

The entrance The entrance title page to feel flavor

Restroom on the first floor Clean restroom

Small window Stylish small window with the design

Stairs The stairs which feel warmth

From the first-floor Western-style room The tasteful atmosphere that the whole building gives off

Kitchen The kitchen which reminds of a living

Kitchen The kitchen space where the cleaning was perfect

1st Japanese-style room

Washing face room Large washing face space

Bathroom The bathroom where cleaning was careful to

The second-floor Western-style room The second-floor Western-style room with the brightly open feeling

Mini-kitchen on the second floor It is a small mini-kitchen, but is very convenient

The second-floor Japanese-style room Old-fashioned simple and elegant design

Restroom on the second floor A restroom is on the second floor.

The second-floor Japanese-style room Atmosphere to feel a Japan house


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