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3, Oka, Asaka-shi HOUSE

HOUSE Reform & renovation

The appearance October, 2013 の 3LDK old.

Living Comfortable space to gather if a family is natural in the large living room

Kitchen The kitchen where a space of the room is even if I cook along with a child

Washstand I secure storage space under the back of the triple mirror, the bowl. I can store stock and the washing face accessories such as detergents, and the faucet circumference is cleared up clearly.

Bathroom It is provided with a counter and a storing tray to be able to put shampoo or soap.

1st restroom The restroom where a feeling of cleanliness based on white is felt. For simple interior, you can customize it in a favorite atmosphere on a restroom cover or mat.

2nd floor restroom It is the restroom space that is clean in a natural taste.

Kitchen A tableware washing machine supports clearing! I can have the relaxation time of the family after the meal slowly♪

About six quires of Western-style rooms It is the simple interior design which is easy to coordinate the interior. To a hobby and taste, you can enjoy the making of favorite room.

About 5.2 quires of Western-style rooms It is the Western-style room which is next to the living. As there is a closet in each Western-style room, you can receive clothing or bedclothing by the setting of the cabinet clearly to a minimum.

About five quires of Western-style rooms It is provided with the closet which I can fully store including clothing and the bedclothing. Choices made with a room seem to increase because I can use the house space widely.

Living The storing that I arranged for each room is house みやすさへのこだわり

Living Relaxing LDK which seems to increase in time for family pleasure of home life

Living About 12.2 quires of LDK which were particular about a feeling of opening and lighting

Terrace It is the Terrace which a good sunlight pours into in Facing South.

Closet A storing power to be able to put the baggage increasing with the growth of the child away easily!

The entrance The entrance storing that I can fully store shoes in is included and seems to be able to keep the entrance clearly.

The entrance

Parking lot There is car space (by the car model)

Front road

Front road It is the wide front road so as to join hands with a child, and to line up, and to be able to walk.

The appearance It is child care at ease in a quiet residential area

The appearance

Shiroyama Park (about 180m) It is glad that distance to be able to go out to play with a child immediately includes a park♪

TMG あさか medical center (about 1,210m) TMG あさか medical center of 16-minute walk when it is rushed for the fever of the sudden child immediately

A bear rises; mall あさか (about 1,100m)

Drug ・ ace Oka shop (about 630m) It is a (630m) 8-minute walk to a drug ・ ace Oka shop

Lawson 2, Negishidai, Asaka store (about 660m) It is a 9-minute walk from 660m to Lawson 2, Negishidai, Asaka store. When there is a convenience store open for 24 hours within the range of a 10-minute walk, it is convenient to be able to drop in at at the time of commuting ・ attending school casually.


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