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New Price 1, Nobitome, Niiza-shi Newly-Built HOUSE


The appearance Residential area among nature that child care is possible while feeling a seasonal change

Sky Terrace The extensive Sky Terrace that the futon for the whole family is displayed on the roof relaxedly.

Living The meeting kitchen where the living that everybody gathers locates it on the second floor brightly, and the conversation bounds, with built-in tableware washing machine

DK Relaxing DK which seems to increase in time for family pleasure of home life

Sky Terrace view There is not an expensive building blocking the view and can watch scenery with a feeling of opening.

Kitchen The kitchen where a space of the room is even if I cook along with a child

Bus Bus unit 1 tsubo type, bathroom dryer, with bathroom TV

Washroom It is the extensive washing face room which families line up, and can dress itself.

Washstand I secure storage space under the back of the triple mirror, the bowl. I can store stock and the washing face accessories such as detergents, and the faucet circumference is cleared up clearly.

Kitchen Clearing is with Dishwasher and dryer easily, too

Cupboard There is the space to put cooking household appliances or a cupboard on the kitchen back.

Living Comfortable space to gather if a family is natural in the large living room

DK I am faced with Terrace and am opening-like DK brightly.

The second-floor Terrace As I shut out the eyes from the outside moderately, it is the Terrace that privacy is followed.

The second-floor view

7.0 quires of Western-style rooms LDK to be able to enjoy various layouts. To a feeling and a lifestyle, the making of space that can spend time pleasantly is possible.

5.2 quires of Western-style rooms The entrance, living, a washing face room, a bathroom, each Western-style room are partitioned off in units well, and the privacy of the family is followed, too.

5.2 quires of Western-style rooms As there is a closet in each Western-style room, you can receive clothing or bedclothing by the setting of the cabinet clearly to a minimum.

The entrance The entrance storing that I can fully store shoes in is included and seems to be able to keep the entrance clearly. It is the space that the counter part gives glory to a key place and an accessory, and can color the entrance.

Shoes ink roque With entrance storing that is convenient to put a toy with a stroller and the mud away♪

Restroom on the first floor It is the restroom space that is clean in a natural taste.

Restroom on the second floor The restroom where a feeling of cleanliness based on white is felt. For simple interior, you can customize it in a favorite atmosphere on a restroom cover or mat.

The entrance It is shoes ink Rourke in the entrance hall  

Parking lot There is parking space (by the car model)

Delivery to home BOX Delivery to home box, shutter sliding door (the first-floor part)

The appearance The quiet residential area where there are few car streets, and there is the walk with the child in peace

The appearance

Front road

Front road


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Surrounding map

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