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4, Tozuka, Kawaguchi-shi


Living and dining room Incline ceiling and big window, タタミコーナー of the discerning design are characteristic living and dining room.

Living and dining room It is Plan of LDK+ タタミコーナー which is most suitable for family pleasure of home life. I can cook while watching the state of the family in an open counter kitchen.

Living and dining room By a the second-floor living X big window, comfortable sunlight comes in. By there being a bathroom and the washing face room in the same floor, too, as for the life conducting wire◎

Living and dining room ※It is a furniture holder CG image.

Kitchen There is a cupboard of 造付 on the kitchen back. By a good storing, the kitchen rotation is available clearly, too. The gateway for a host which I can go out is on, and Terrace is convenient for slight storeroom and ventilation in Yokote.

Kitchen Cleaning is the cooker of the IH type easily. It is extensive island kitchen counter with a dishwasher, a water purifier.

Kitchen There is a counter on the kitchen this side side and can utilize it as the study space of the child and an at-home work space.

Washing face room To the washstand of the triple mirror type, is fully equipped with the storing shelf on hanging closet storing, the back on the washing machine, a storing power◎

Bathroom It is bathroom ventilation with clothes drying function, an additional heating function bathroom on. Because there is the window, there is a feeling of opening, too and it is easy to ventilate it and is effective for the mold prevention.

Washstand I am fully equipped with a washstand, a restroom in 1st. Indirect lighting creates a wonderful atmosphere.

The entrance It is the entrance excellent at one of the discerning points, an open feeling. I secure the storing power while focusing on the design by indirect lighting by establishing the big shoes cloakroom. It is the space only in the order house.

The entrance There is shoes cloakroom in the entrance door right hand, the stairs depths. The convenience that I can store the big baggage such as outdoor articles in is the entrance layout of ◎.

The appearance photograph It is an order house of the ポラテック old construction. Please sense a luxurious structure bodily in the field!

Multi-space About nine quires of multi-space is available as two rooms by making the partitioning.

Multi-space Both storing and work space include an available counter in a wall surface. You can utilize it by better how to use each time.

Western-style room In about 7.7 quires of spacious Western-style rooms, a light of the indirect lighting is an accent. The lighting becomes the design that was considered not to be worried about the eyes from a front road from a window of the south side while taking it.

Walk-in closet (Western-style room) Because there is ◎ window, the walk-in closet installed in the Western-style room can ventilate the convenience with shelf and rack, and the moisture is hard to stay; become made.

タタミコーナー タタミコーナー with high design is distinguished for the storing power, too. As well as hanging storing, there is large-capacity floor lower storing under タタミ. Please confirm it locally!

Entrance on the second floor The round room window following タタミコーナー meets the entrance of the living room on the second floor when I enter. From from the outside and the inside, I can enjoy different impressions.

The first-floor deck Bright sunlight inserts the extensive Facing South deck on a fine day. The blindfold which is not worried about the glance of the passerby is installed and is free to dry the laundry.

The appearance photograph In a corner lot of the South X West, an authority of ・ style per positive is good. A supermarket and a convenience store, a drugstore, an elementary school gather it in the outskirts within the range of a 5-minute walk, and living environment is a good location!

The appearance photograph There is it for two parking space. (it depends on a car model.)

The front part of south side road The front part of south side road is about 8m. The parking is smooth with width of a space, too.

Western front road The west becomes the road of about 4m, too.


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