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1, Nakano, Nakano-ku


The upper kitchen stairwell I do not mind "public eye, and but a feeling of sunlight and opening is a discerning order house granting desired" such luxury.

The appearance It becomes the well-thought design minutely not to be worried about the glance of the passerby.

The upper kitchen stairwell Even if there is the colonnade of the upper kitchen in living, it is one of the feelings points to be able to expect the sky even if in the dining.

Living, kitchen I can ask about the state of playing children in blue sky appreciation and Terrace while relaxing in living.

Living Only in a living part, a colonnade of the best part is impressive. There are living room in stairs spreading out to Terrace in a wall surface.

Living By indoor light control, he/she charms different faces again in the daytime at night.

Dining A colonnade leads to the upper dining.

Dining On a dining floor part, Floor heaters is fully equipped with.

Kitchen I can secure enough space even if I put a storing shelf on the back. How is the making of cooking and cake in family all of you?

Kitchen Space of a sink and the kitchen is a secured kitchen, too. It is equipped with a dishwasher, and the housework progresses, too.

Kitchen For island kitchen counter, cooking is pushed forward without separating eyes while a child is small. As for the open feeling that there is not only the upper kitchen but also the colonnade of the front living◎

The upper living room stairwell Warm sunlight comes in through the upper living room colonnade.

Washing face room, restroom The big mirror which the wall surface storing had is impressive. The depth that I can receive well is secured.

Bathroom It is extensive bathroom of 1 tsubo type. The upper window is useful for not only the securing of lighting but also ventilation.

Japanese-style room, Western-style room (about 6.5 quires) The storing is fully equipped with by each room, too. You can use the room clearly because you can secure storage space without putting furniture of +α. [about 6.5 quires of Western-style room storing size] Width: About 233cm, height: About 230cm, depth: About 66cm

The entrance It is the entrance which secured spacious space. The window of the wall surface does not have trouble with the opening and shutting for a possibility on the ventilation side either.

Terrace The Terrace with an awning is about 12 quires of spaciousness. Private vegetable garden, pool play of the child, cafe-terrace-style etc…It is available by various uses.

Terrace As the awning is movable, I fold it during laundry airing and can secure exposure to the sun more.

View The outskirts become the residential area, and there is not an expensive building blocking the front.

Stairs The wall of the stairs side becomes the glass wall, and the corridor part which is apt to feel a feeling of pressure is an opening-like impression clearly.

The entrance As a sensor is equipped with a feeling of person, it is smooth at the time of both the everyday outing and the return.

The entrance The entrance secures not only a space of the space but also a space of the storing well. I have not only the design but also the utility. You can utilize the storage space under stairs as storing of the entrance circumference.

Restroom on the first floor There is the restroom in the first floor, two places on the second floor. I am reliable at the time of the use of washing face room on the second floor.

Switch panel I am fully equipped with the intercom with the television monitor.

Nakano-Sakaue Station (about 760m) It is Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, going Nearest Station of Toei Oedo Line.

Bus stop (about 100m) It is a 2-minute walk to the bus stop. The Access is possible to Shinjuku ・ Shibuya directly, too.

Maruman & Co. store (about 80m) It is a supermarket of the business until from 9:00 to 23:00. It is convenient in the slight shopping and buying lapse of memory.

Tando Elementary School (about 150m) It is in the close distance of the front roadside and is reliable at the time of the commuting to and from school of the child.

Dr. Uno's office (about 10m) It is a hospital with the pediatric ・ internal medicine.


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