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Nagara-machi HOUSE


The appearance photograph

Front gate The entrance is the gate using the zelkova

Storehouse Storehouse in the site

The appearance

Pond of the garden There is a pond in the garden

Garden A garden and pond with the taste

The appearance

Japanese-style room The entrance space is photographed by a Japanese-style room

Japanese-style room I photograph a Japanese-style room in a series of three ken from the entrance space

Pillar Only in the old folk house is made

Hearth It is a hearth in the Japanese-style room in the point of the entrance space

Approach to the gate Approach, here from a road to the gate become the parking space

The whole appearance It is photographed by a front road

Front road It is the road of the north side. The place where the roof before the left hand is seen is Properties

The appearance A building is photographed by the north side road

The appearance The back side

The inside of the storehouse The tree which I use for the room of storehouse

The inside of the storehouse The second-floor part of the storehouse

The inside of the storehouse Ceiling part of the storehouse

The inside of the storehouse Stairs (they are unknown, but the stairs have been remodeled in time) of the storehouse

Garden Garden shooting (as for the shooting October, 27)

Garden Garden tree shooting (as for the shooting H27 ten a year month)


Garden Garden (the forest part)

The appearance The building appearance

The appearance The building appearance

Front gate

The appearance It is the old folk house of the one-story house

Warehouse in the site

  • Representative plan
  • Structure
    Wooden 1 story above the ground
  • Status
  • Parking lot
  • Land right
  • Kind
    Building lot
  • Contact road situation
  • Usage area / Building coverage / Volume ratio
    /70%/400% that there is no
  • City Planning
  • Nationwide Law Notification
  • Annual Current rent
    ※The rent does not guarantee that I am provided surely for the future.
  • Delivery time
  • Transaction type
  • Update date
    July 13, 2020
  • Next update date
    July 27, 2020
  • Remarks
    The building is unknown on the building date. Several degrees adjusts the room, but is missing at time. (but I adjust a roof tile and the storehouse time ignorance)
    Because the building does not currently use it, alteration is necessary.
    As for the Land, 1770.22 square meters, the forest part (some slants place) are 2,177 square meters a Kind Building lot part.
    If a road is opposite, 165 square meters of the Building lot becomes and is not adjoining. (an old hut is built)
    It being difficult to see the whole as bamboo trees grow thick as for the forest part, and there is the slant ground
    Please approve it. The parking space becomes the passage (the self-land) parts from the front east side road to a front gate.
    As for the publication photograph, please understand that I photograph it with spring in autumn on the shooting date and time to take a seasonal change of trees
    ■I investigate land ownership about Nagara-machi land ownership investigation business from association of Chosei-gun City land ownership investigation in 2017 in April, 2019
    There was the communication of the result, and there were 5329.71 square meters as a result of surveying. But it is before government office reading (I plan reading in November, 2019)
    It is the number before the decision.


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Surrounding map

Address Tokumasu, Nagara-machi, Chosei-gun, Chiba > GoogleMap