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4, Shitanoyacho, Tsurumi-ku HOUSE


The appearance "[4, Shitanoyacho, Tsurumi-ku] A house of the Wood 3 stories "3LDK." Others, plural accessible lines are possible locations to Tsurumi Line "Tsurumiono" Station in an 8-minute walk. "

The appearance "[The local appearance photograph] You can spend it at ease without being worried about the eyes from a front road as LDK is established in 2nd floor. "

Parking lot "[Parking lot] A motorcycle or the bicycle can park as well as a car, too. The area of the Parking lot part is 8.32 square meters. "

Living and dining room "[LDK/ about 13.0 quires] LDK where four lighting was secured. There is Terrace in two places on the south side ・ Southwest side, and the sun is good. You can spend pleasure of home life time in family all of you relaxedly. "

Kitchen "[Kitchen] I can store a kitchen utensil and the petty person who is apt to be in a mess in the storage space established up and down clearly. "

Bathroom "[Bathroom] Bathroom which a window is established and can ventilate naturally. As there are two faucets, it is convenient for temperature regulation of the hot water or cleaning. "

Living and dining room "[LDK/ about 13.0 quires] LDK is established to a 2nd floor part. It is hard to be worried about eyes from the outside and a family is same and can spend relaxed time. "

Living and dining room "[LDK/ about 13.0 quires] It is LDK becoming the main space of the life. In the bright space that light pours from the window of 4 directions, I can spend time for family pleasure of home life. "

Living and dining room "[LDK/ about 13.0 quires] It is flooring of the brown and interior simple brightly to a white cross. You can enjoy favorite interior. "

Kitchen "[Kitchen] It is the kitchen of the wall charge account type that is easy to concentrate on dishes. As the boundary with LDK does not have partitions, a feeling of opening is born. "

2F Terrace "[Terrace] I am faced with LDK, and comings and goings are possible from a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room. The sun is good, and laundry seems to dry well. "

View from 2F Terrace "[View from Terrace] As the site is located in the place across the passage from a front road, it is the house environment where is hard to be worried about the eyes of a car and the passerby. "

1F Western-style room "[Western-style room/about 8.2 quires] It is a room placed in the 1st. You can utilize it to the use including the bedroom. It is the simple interior that is congenial to the interior of various tastes. "

Dresser "[Washing face room] As it is unified for bright color taste including the white, I give an impression of cleanliness. The storage space where the washing face circumference is put away clearly is established well. "

Washing machine place "[Washing face room] As a window is established, natural ventilation is possible when it is apt to be filled with moisture after the bathing. "

1F restroom "[Restroom/1st] It is a restroom with a window which is available for natural ventilation. For one hand-washing device type, I can wash a hand on the spot. "

2F restroom "[Restroom/2nd floor] The clean restroom which was unified in white. As a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user is installed, it is available comfortably. "

3F Western-style room "[Western-style room/about 5.2 quires] It is a Western-style room provided with the back of the hut depot. I can store clothing or an accessory and am cleared up clearly in a room. "

3F Western-style room "[Western-style room/about 6.0 quires] A Western-style room of two Southwest ・ Southeast side lighting. It is the living room where asahi comes in, and refreshing waking is reached. It is recommended to a child room. There is "top light and is a living room having good ventilation.

Parking lot It is 8.32 square meters of Parking lot part available separately

Front road I am not worried about the glance from walkers to sandwich the passage from a front road

Front road I am not worried about the glance from walkers to sandwich the passage from a front road


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