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2, Nakadori, Tsurumi-ku (House with store)

Retail / Office

The appearance The 3-story bldg. "4SLDK+ store" which is located in the Southwest corner lot. Living, a Western-style room facing the L-shaped Terrace are houses having good ventilation brightly.

The appearance The 2nd floor living that is hard to be worried about the eyes from a street is the space where sunlight fully comes in through a window of the Facing South. You can spend it in family all of you relaxedly.

The appearance The island kitchen counter which can work while watching the state of the family is adopted. It is the Plan which it is easy to call, and communication is easy to take to a family to be able to look around the living room.

The appearance The 2nd floor Western-style room of two lighting is easy to take in refreshing wind and I am relaxed in refreshing space and can relax. The storage space is provided and can use house space spaciously.

The roof I waterproof it in December, 2023 and construct it and am completed.

The roof As the sun is good, the private vegetable garden is possible, too.

The roof A view is good in a corner lot.

The appearance I can enjoy it as a private vegetable garden and gardening, an amusement place of the child in the extensive roof. Exposure to the sun is good and seems to be able to air laundry and futon comfortably.

Front road Housework rooms with a storeroom and a window are convenient for the stock place of a cleaning article and daily necessities. As there is depth, I seem to be able to store outdoor article or the seasonal decoration, too.

Front road The parking space is parkable for four (there are car model restrictions). Because there is a roof, he/she protects an important car from wind and rain and a dirt.

Front road Front part of south side road width about 7.9m, western front road width about 5.9m seem to be able to perform the comings and goings of the car smoothly because they are doing Abutting road.

The appearance A 11-minute walk from Tsurumi Line "Bentembashi" Station, the location of a 12-minute walk from "Asano" Station. What I can access by a bus service from the nearest bus stop to JR "Tsurumi" Station is attractive without using the train.

Division figure It is a feeling of opening site that is of the good Southwest corner of the exposure to the sun. ※It is not a measured drawing.

Okitsuru market

Authority of Seven-Eleven Yokohama Tsurumi relation shop (about 130m)

Neighboring cityscape (about 160m)

Authority of My Basket relation 2 chome shop (about 160m)

Yokohama City Shiota Junior High School (about 940m) A 12-minute walk.

Yokohama City Shiota Elementary School (about 860m) A 11-minute walk.


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Surrounding map

Address 2, Nakadori, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap