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2, Mitakihonmachi HOUSE


The building appearance The appearance that the outer wall of the brick lets you feel a solid feeling

House of the polygon living to feel an expanse The living space that got visual expanse and lighting. How is the house party in the bright living that light comes in?

The building appearance It is Properties of 2 stories above the ground belonging to the first floor under the ground.

The entrance hall The entrance which natural light enters at the window of the 2nd floor by a colonnade, and is bright. There are shoes cloakroom and the entrance closet on the right, too.

Living and dining room The Total floor area is about 222.07 square meters. It is a house of 4SLDK.

I expect dining from living

Island kitchen counter A kitchen of the island kitchen counter that the family is easy to participate in housework. The care adopts a brief IH cooker, too.

A cupboard and gateway for a host There is the cupboard with the storing power. Ventilation of the kitchen where smells are apt to collect if I open a gateway for a host with a screen door is efficiency up.

About 8.0 quires of Japanese-style rooms Calm natural light enters at the shoji.

About 8.0 quires of Japanese-style rooms It is the space of the sum that a family is relaxing let alone the use as the space that displays a hanging scroll and a flower in connection with a season and an event, and treats a visitor.



Bathroom As there is a small window, the efficiency of the ventilation improves, too.

Rest room The clean bright rest room which was based on white.

View I can look around the scenery of Hatchobori and the Motomachi area from a Western-style room of the 2nd floor.


About 10.0 quires of Western-style rooms

Storeroom Let alone clothing, I can fully store the Few household appliances of the use frequency, too.

About 6.0 quires of Western-style rooms

About 6.0 quires of Western-style rooms

Colonnade of the entrance There is a feeling of opening as a ceiling rises. I can feel that I open the entrance door more widely to get rid of eyes on the top.

The entrance

The back of the hut storing

掘込 garage As I can get over rain and wind, I can keep an important car long neatly.

Western road

The south side road

Mitakihonmachi third Park (about 220m)

Hiroshima bus "vow Teramae" bus stop (about 530m)

Three Shino Elementary School (about 1,300m)


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Surrounding map

Address 2, Mitakihonmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima > GoogleMap