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Daigiri, Fujisawa-shi HOUSE


The appearance photograph With wide parking space of the frontage

Garden I can enjoy the gardening in the good garden per extensive positive

View from the south side Terrace As it is large saw Maruyama Park, as for at hand, there is an open feeling

Living and dining room The bright living and dining room which was based on white

Living and dining room Because there is a partition, I can partition off living and dining

Kitchen A gateway for a host is two and is convenient for Taking out garbage


Restroom on the first floor Restroom with a handrail


Washing machine depot

The second-floor washstand The second-floor washstand which is convenient when there is it

About 6.0 quires of Japanese-style rooms I stretch out a Japanese-style room, the foot of the calm atmosphere with moisture and am relaxing

About 8.0 quires of Western-style rooms

About 8.0 quires of Western-style rooms

About 6.0 quires of western Western-style rooms Bright sunlight enters at the Terrace of the Southwest Orientation

Western Western-style room about six quires walk-in closet The clothes are put in order on a walk-in closet clearly, too

Western Western-style room about 6.0 quires storing The walk-in closet has total of, storing with a shelf

The Southwest side Terrace It can overlook a park in front from Terrace

The entrance As well as living and dining room, it is the bright entrance based on white

The entrance hall ・ corridor I can store the outdoor articles on stairs lower storing, too

Stairs with the handrail Stairs with the slipper ・ handrail

Intercom with the TV monitor Intercom with TV monitor which is reliable for the caretaker of the child

Parking space ・ garden

Outdoor faucet There is an outdoor faucet in the place where I went out the gateway for a host and is convenient all the time

YAOKO Esawa shop (about 570m)

Seven-Eleven Fujigaoka, Fujisawa store (about 510m)

Create SD Fujisawa Esawa shop (about 570m)

Large saw elementary school (about 220m) As it is near, I am reliable

Fujigaoka Junior High School (about 750m)


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Surrounding map

Address Daigiri, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap