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3, Honfujisawa, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa Land


Local photograph The land for sale of a 16-minute walk from Odakyu Enoshima Line "Fujisawahommachi" Station. There is an open feeling for neighboring land passage with the Northwest side ・ Southeast side

Local photograph It is a certain space site of 170.81 square meters of Land area (about 63.14 tsubo)

Local photograph For a Southwest branch road road, it is an authority of exposure to the sun-like good location

Local photograph It is not land for sale with condition to build. You consider it at a favorite house maker ・ engineering firm

Local photograph It is the topography which is easy to examine the building plan at frontage about 11.2m

Front road For anterior surface of Southwest side road, width about 6.9m, I am easy to put the car in and out

Front road A super ・ convenience store ・ drugstore is the convenience that there is within the range of a 10-minute walk

Wisteria supermarket good deed shop (about 700m) Seria is included, too

Well Shea Honfujisawa store (about 80m)

Ishihara Valley Park (about 190m)

Honfujisawa citron clinic (about 780m)

Ishinazaka warm water pool (about 590m) Ishinazaka warm water pool

Okoshi Elementary School (about 1,210m)

The first junior high school (about 1,460m)

Odakyu Enoshima Line "Fujisawahommachi" Station (about 1,240m)

Odakyu Enoshima Line "good deed" Station (about 1,250m)


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Surrounding map

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