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2, Hamatake, Chigasaki-shi HOUSE

HOUSE Reform & renovation

Western-style room ▼The bright Western-style room which has good sun of Western-style room ▼ two lighting.

The appearance photograph ▼The location such as the corner lot southwestern in appearance ▼ west for neighboring land passage.

LDK ▼The bright living that the sun has good by two lighting of the LDK ▼ Southeast ・ Southwest.

Kitchen ▼The system kitchen which has good convenience of with kitchen ▼ dishwasher.

Bathroom ▼With bathroom ▼ bathroom dryer. It is Boiler replaced finished.

Washroom ▼It is washroom ▼ Dresser replaced finished.

Restroom (the first floor) ▼It is restroom ▼ toilet replaced finished.

Terrace ▼Terrace ▼ balcony for drying clothes hardware includes it.

View from Terrace ▼It is a residence nestling in view ▼ quiet residential area.

Outside faucet ▼It is convenient for outside faucet ▼ car washing or sea return and is equipped with a faucet!

Parking space ▼There is it for one Parking lot ▼ parking space. (by the car model)

Western-style room ▼As it becomes Western-style room ▼ upper part incline ceiling, it is the Western-style room with the open feeling.

Loft ▼There is a loft in the upper loft ▼ Western-style room and is convenient in the storing of the seasonal thing.

The entrance ▼It is the entrance of the atmosphere that is soft by two lighting with the entrance door of with entrance ▼ dormer-window.

Living ▼The living that is bright by two lighting of living ▼ Southeast ・ Southwest

Kitchen ▼It is kitchen ▼ type I system kitchen replaced finished.

Western-style room ▼Western-style room ▼ about 5.4 quires. It is a bright atmosphere of the each room two lighting.

Western-style room ▼Western-style room ▼ about 5.4 quires.

Storeroom ▼Storeroom ▼ about 5.4 quires.

Western-style room ▼Western-style room ▼ 5.4 quires.

Restroom (the second floor) ▼It is restroom ▼ toilet replaced finished.

2nd floor corridor ▼When there is 2nd floor corridor ▼ slight space, it is very convenient.

Western-style room from a loft ▼There is loft ▼ high window and is a very bright room.

The appearance photograph ▼Appearance ▼ life convenience is a good location, too

Matsunami Elementary School (about 600m) ▼Elementary school ▼ 8-minute walk.

Matsunami Junior High School (about 800m) ▼Junior high school ▼ 10-minute walk.


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