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1, Mizuki, Chigasaki-shi HOUSE


The appearance ▼It is an order house of appearance ▼ ヘーベルハウス (ASAHI KASEI Homes) construction.

Terrace ▼I install Terrace ▼ downlight and am spirited at night.

Western-style room ▼With Western-style room ▼ mini-kitchen.

Washing face room ▼Equipped with 造付 け shelf storing power-rich on washing face apodyterium ▼ back!

The entrance ▼The entrance door of with entrance ▼ loophole, storing with large mirror. A frontage is the wide bright entrance, too.

Bathroom ▼I establish the opening in bathroom ▼ bathroom and am easy to ventilate it brightly.

The second-floor Western-style room ▼Western-style room ▼ about 6.0 quires. There is the balcony for drying clothes bar which is available for mounting or dismounting and is convenient.

Japanese-style room ▼Japanese-style room ▼ about 4.0 quires. There is fully the storing, too.

Restroom ▼If there is it restroom ▼; of the relief is with a handrail.

Kitchen on the first floor ▼I adopt kitchen ▼ IH. Equipped with built-in dishwasher!

Terrace ▼As there is Terrace ▼ depth, I can use it for a multi-purpose.

2nd floor washstand ▼A washstand with the storing is on each 2nd floor washstand ▼ floor.

The entrance ▼If open the sliding door before the entrance ▼ eyes; to LDK. I can put baggage straight even if I do much shopping.

Corridor ▼There is storage space in corridor ▼ 2nd floor corridor.

2nd floor Western-style room ▼I am fully equipped with Western-style room ▼ WIC and am rich in a storing power

Parking space ▼Parking lot ▼ three can be parked (by the car model).

2nd floor corridor ▼2nd floor corridor ▼ 幅 is large, and the cross-purposes are possible easily, too

WIC ▼It is rich in a WIC ▼ storing power!

Parking space ▼I can put the bicycle with Parking lot ▼ roof, too.

Western-style room ▼Western-style room ▼ about 7.7 quires. With mini-kitchen!

Garden space ▼I am fully equipped with the bicycle parking space of with garden ▼ roof.

Mini-kitchen ▼It is in 7.7 quires of mini-kitchen ▼ Western-style rooms. There is the cabinet with the counter, too and is an easy kitchen.

Western-style room ▼Equipped with Western-style room ▼ storing power-rich closet

Mini-kitchen ▼A mini-kitchen ▼ raid brief IH cooking heater.

Washing face room ▼Washing face apodyterium ▼ care is Dresser of the simple High back faucet, too.

Washing face room ▼The washing face apodyterium that it is excellent at a storing power while being washing face apodyterium ▼ compact.


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