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1, Narukocho, Midori-ku HOUSE


The appearance Non-entering HOUSE of the August, 2019 completion. It is Wood 2-story bldg. of Total floor area 115.04 square meters (about 34.79 tsubo).

DK It is about 13.5 quires of DK adjacent to Terrace.

Kitchen Even if there is a child as it is IH, I am reliable.

Kitchen I am superior in excursion characteristics in an island kitchen.

Cupboard It can hold a lot of tableware. I can establish the household appliances such as a rice cooker, the microwave oven clearly, too.

Pantry I can store ingredients, seasoning and am convenient.

DK Because there is a colonnade, I am spirited.

DK I am superior in excursion characteristics.

Terrace As there is a fence, I am not worried about the glance from the neighboring land, too. It becomes the amusement place of a child and the pet.

Living It is about 10 tatami. A ceiling is in the stairwell highly, and there is a feeling of opening.

Living I use an accent cross. The sun is good in Facing South.

Terrace As it is Facing South, the sun is good. Laundry dries well.

Washing face room There is it, and the storage space is extensive, too.


Bathroom The bathroom heating ventilation dryer which laundry can dry includes it on the rainy day. The heat-contrast shock vs. is plotted. In addition, there is a window and can ventilate it.

1st restroom It is tankless specifications.

Western-style room (about 7.6 quires) Irregularities are easy to locate the crying furniture.

Western-style room (about 7.6 quires) A closet is with walk-in. It is double glazing with the insulation effect.

Walk-in closet It is in about 7.6 quires of Western-style rooms.

Western-style room (about 6.7 quires) A stairwell with the dining is like the opening that there is.

Western-style room (about 6.7 quires) It is with a closet. It is double glazing with the insulation effect.

Closet It is in about 6.7 quires of Western-style rooms.

1st Western-style room (about 6.5 quires) The sun is good in Facing South.

1st Western-style room (about 6.5 quires) It is with a closet.

Closet It is in about 6.5 quires of Western-style rooms.

The entrance There is shoes case of with large mirror mirror.

The appearance There is it for two parking space (by the car model).

Clapper elementary school (about 500m)

Clapper stand junior high school (about 730m)


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Surrounding map

Address 1, Narukocho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi > GoogleMap