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3, Fujizuka, Midori-ku HOUSE


The appearance

Living It is extensive living ・ dining. It faces the garden, and positive light fully enters for Facing South.

Restroom Hand-washing, a handrail, a window are attached and are superior in convenience. The window in two is useful for ventilation, moisture measures.

Kitchen It is the kitchen which work space had stolen widely. The storing is convenient with richness, too.

Bathroom It is an extensive bathroom. There is a window, and the ventilation ・ ventilation is good.


Cooker It can progress with three shares of cookers at the same time of dishes and is effective.


Dishwasher It is a dishwasher of Miele. I am easy to put the tableware in and out by a front open type.

The study

Japanese-style room It is an extensive Japanese-style room. The second kitchen is adjacent.

Japanese-style room It faces the garden, and an authority of lighting ・ style is good.

Western-style room It is an extensive Western-style room on the 2nd floor Northwest side. There is enough area even if I have a partition make two rooms.

Western-style room Storing is abundant.

Garden In the garden, large space is secured, and there are pool play and the private vegetable garden of the child.

Western-style room It is 2nd floor, a Western-style room on the Southeast side. There are four window.

Western-style room There is the storing that 2nd floor, a lot of clothes are taken for.


The appearance

Garage It is a garage in the Parking lot side.


Japanese-style room

Garage It is Parking lot with the shutter gate which three cars (by the car model) can stop. I protect an important favorite car.



The appearance

Topographical map


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Surrounding map

Address 3, Fujizuka, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi > GoogleMap