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1, Kawanahonmachi, Showa-ku HOUSE

HOUSE Reform & renovation

The appearance

Living The sunshine is good in the living room of about 16 tatami of the Facing South.

Kitchen I can cook with three shares of cookers effectively.

Bathroom I can heal daily fatigue in a spacious bath.

2nd floor restroom A bathroom is attached and is convenient.

Western-style room It is a 5.3-tatami-mat Western-style room.

Western-style room storing There is storing in the 5.3-tatami-mat Western-style room.

The Southeast side Western-style room It is a 7.3-tatami-mat Western-style room.

Western-style room storing There is large-capacity storing in the 8.3-tatami-mat Western-style room.

Western-style room It is an 8.3-tatami-mat Western-style room.

The Northeast side storeroom (available as a Western-style room.) It is a 7.3-tatami-mat storeroom (Western-style room).

The study storing There is storing in two places in the storing of the 7.3 tatami study.

Living ・ Japanese-style room Next, a Japanese-style room is adjacent and can use living by various uses.

Living I greatly take the window of the living part, and an authority of sunshine ・ style is good.

Kitchen There is abundant storing in the independent kitchen and can enjoy dishes.

Kitchen A refrigerator, a kitchen are structures to be able to put a cupboard behind and are available in the depths with margin.

1st restroom

1st restroom A bathroom is attached and is convenient.

Garden There is an outdoor faucet in the Parking lot depths belonging to carport and is useful by various uses.

Bathroom A window ・ bathroom heating dryer is on, and the moisture measures are perfect, too.

Washstand It is convenient for morning preparations with a triple mirror.

Washroom Storing is abundant.

Japanese-style room It is a living neighboring Japanese-style room.

The south side Terrace It is Terrace of the Facing South.

Western Terrace It is Terrace facing west.

Parking space with the carport

The second-floor storeroom

The entrance Storing is abundant at the entrance.

The appearance


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Surrounding map

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