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Hassamu Article 10 5 chome HOUSE


The appearance It is equipped with a PV system. With built-in garage.

LDK It is sunny and is not worried about the glance from the outside, too.

LDK LDK space with a space

LDK Area is in the storing.

Living The sun is good for a living room on the second floor.

Kitchen It is island kitchen counter.

Kitchen Because there is the hanging units, a quantity of storing is Many.

Bedroom It is the bedroom with the walk-in closet. The second floor.

The first-floor south side Western-style room It is the room where the sun with the window is good for two.

The first-floor east side Western-style room Wall one side is storing.

The first-floor hall It is a hall with the area.

The first-floor sink When there is case of BBQ, it is convenient.

Utility There is S sink other than a washstand.

Utility It is extensive space. There is a cook of kerosene.

Bathroom It is a large bath to be able to enjoy the half-length baths.

Restroom (the second floor) It is a restroom with a space in the space.

Restroom (the first floor)

The entrance hall It becomes 2WAY.

The entrance hall It is available for privates.

The appearance A site is large, and the frontage is large, too.

The appearance The two-tone stylish appearance. The outer wall of the 2nd floor part is Galvalume.

The appearance A 1st part is RC 造, and a 2nd floor part is Wood

Garden How is private vegetable gardens? The sun is good.

Front road I feel it to be wide now for 向 かえが vacant land

Front road I feel it to be wide now for 向 かえが vacant land


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Surrounding map

Address 5, Hassamu-10-jo, Nishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido > GoogleMap