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2, Akasaka, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Land


Local photograph

Local photograph

Local photograph

Front road

Front road

Local photograph

Local photograph

Local photograph

York Benimaru Sendai Aiko shop (about 4,330m) A 55-minute walk

CAWACHI Aiko shop (about 4,260m) A 54-minute walk

SUNDRUG Aiko shop (about 4,400m) A 55-minute walk

Daiso Sendai Aiko shop (about 4,790m) A 60-minute walk

Tsuruha drug Kamiayashi, Sendai store (about 4,060m) A 51-minute walk

YAKUODO Sendai Aiko shop (about 3,670m) A 46-minute walk

Tsuruha drug Sendai Aiko shop (about 4,930m) A 62-minute walk

Seven-Eleven Akasaka, Sendai store (about 960m) A 12-minute walk

FamilyMart Takanohara, Sendai store (about 1,220m) A 16-minute walk

Seven-Eleven Imozawa, Sendai store (about 4,200m) A 53-minute walk

Osawa post office (about 1,060m) A 14-minute walk

Aiko post office (about 4,120m) A 52-minute walk

77 Bank Miyagicho Branch (about 4,230m) A 53-minute walk

Capital credit association Miyagicho Branch of the forest (about 4,850m) A 61-minute walk

Takanohara Sogi doctor's office (about 1,260m) A 16-minute walk 

Takanohara dental clinic (about 1,340m) A 17-minute walk

Sendai-shi Hirose Cultural Center (about 4,240m) A 53-minute walk

Sendai-shi Tachikawa prev elementary school (about 1,070m) A 14-minute walk

Sendai City Osawa Junior High School (about 1,220m) A 16-minute walk

2, Akasaka park (about 110m) A 2-minute walk

Municipal bus "3, Akasaka" (about 280m) A 4-minute walk


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