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First place Azaminominami Building No. 2


The appearance 2 line 2 Station is available

LDK Total floor area: 102.28 square meters of 4LDK

LDK I adopt the living in stairs that the communication with the family is easy to take.

LD LDK secures more than 18 space.

Kitchen In the island kitchen counter which an LD can look around, 食器洗乾燥機付 which can perform drying from washing speedily comes

Kitchen A system kitchen with grilled three shares of cookers. Floor lower storing includes it in the kitchen, and the storage space is abundant, too

Bathroom Because there is a window in bathroom, I am easy to replace the air and can take in light from bright time.

Washstand Triple mirror with the storing that is easy to fix the appearance

1st restroom A restroom is on the first floor and the second floor each.

Western-style room (7.0 quires) A walk-in closet is established in a Western-style room (7.0 quires).

Western-style room (5.0 quires) It is the room where the ventilation is good, and positive light is easy to enter as a top light is established.

Western-style room (5.0 quires) The room where an accent cross is stylish

Western-style room (5.1 quires) The room which can go in and out of a veranda of the Southwest Orientation. As it is two lighting, an authority of sun ・ style is good

View Exposure to the sun is good at Facing South 2 stories

2nd floor restroom I install the hanging closet which can hold stock or a cleaning article of the toilet paper

The entrance Because the entrance case has a window immediately, there is a feeling of opening brightly.

The entrance There is a hand-washable hand-washing counter right after return.

Shoes ink roque Shoes ink Rourke who can receive a lot of shoes of the family holds the entrance.

The appearance A Plan change is possible to 3LDK+ second living by optional construction. For more details, please refer.

Front road It becomes the quiet residential area for low-rise building Address

Front road

Tokyu Store Chain Eda shop (about 750m)

Lawson Misuzugaoka, Yokohama store (about 300m)

Akata Nishi Park (about 330m)

Eda Station north exit post office (about 430m)


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Surrounding map

Address 4, Azaminominami, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap