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Uedai, Aguicho, Chita-gun character Uenaka Nedo built


The appearance photograph Discerning additive-free order house

LDK A certain contrast house space of a firewood stove and a tree and the plaster

LDK It becomes the Japanese-style room between continuances and becomes the more than 26 opening-like space in LDK+ Japanese-style room.

2nd floor Western-style room About six quires of Western-style rooms

Kitchen Wall charge account kitchen to be able to take large space

Bathroom Bathroom using materials pure on a ceiling

Washroom A simple, clean washstand. 1st is begun comfortably every morning.


The entrance The extensive entrance attached to shoes ink roque

Shoes ink roque Earthen floor storing. You can store various things including stroller and the outdoor article.

1st Japanese-style room It is the atmospheric structure with the porch.

1st Japanese-style room The stairs lower storing is deep, and it is excellent at a storing power

2nd floor Japanese-style room About 6 tatami

2nd floor Western-style room About 6 tatami

Interval on the second floor sequel to

Interval on the second floor sequel to

2nd floor storeroom About four quires of storerooms. It is available in the at-home space.

Corridor on the second floor The bright space that soaked a window for sweeping the dirt out of a room

The appearance photograph Beautiful residence of three years old

The appearance photograph Beautiful residence of three years old

Parking lot Possible two parallel parking (by the car model)

Front road The calm environment where there is a lot of greenery

V ・ drug Agui store (about 680m) About 9-minute walk

アピタ Agui store (about 900m) Kahma about 12 minutes on foot, Other restaurant juxtaposition

Uedai Station (about 1,200m) About 15-minute walk

Agui Station (about 2,100m) About 27-minute walk


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Surrounding map

Address Uedai, Aguicho, Chita-gun, Aichi character Uenaka root > GoogleMap