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7, Shibayama, Funabashi-shi HOUSE


The appearance photograph

Living and dining room

Living and dining room

Japanese-style room

Garden part

High village Elementary School (about 850m)

Seven forests Junior High School (about 1,000m)

Seiyu new Kitanarashino store (about 1,120m)

Nishinarashino, Funabashi post office (about 1,010m)

エニタイムフィットネス Nishinarashino store (about 1,030m)

Lawson 1, Nishinarashino, Funabashi store (about 920m)

Well Shea Shintakane, Funabashi store (about 1,200m)

Seven-Eleven Funabashi Shibayama 6 chome shop (about 950m)

House Shintakane, Funabashi, Netherlands store (about 1,360m)

Fish next Kitanarashino store (about 1,340m)

Chiba Bank Kitanarashino Branch (about 1,300m)

Funabashi-shi East post office (about 2,240m)

Kitanarashino medical plaza (about 1,360m)

Funabashi East post office (about 1,720m)

Narashinodai, Funabashi-shi branch office (about 1,500m)

New Keisei ・ East leaf Highway Kita-Narashino Station (about 1,200m)

Keiyo Bank Takane Branch (about 1,220m)

Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Takane-Kido Station (about 1,100m)

Ion Takanekido store (about 1,200m)

Parking lot

Living and dining room

The first-floor Japanese-style room

The appearance photograph

The appearance photograph


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