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Kusugayamacho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba Land


Northeast branch road road

Local photograph The garbage depot moves.

Local photograph

Misaki public hall (about 2,000m)

ふなばし Andersen Park (about 3,500m)

JA いちかわ Misaki Branch (about 2,640m)

Misaki, Funabashi East post office (about 1,840m)

New Keisei Line Misaki Station (about 2,510m)

SUNDRUG Misaki, Funabashi store (about 2,180m)

YAOKO Misaki store (about 2,490m)

Duties supermarket Misaki store (about 2,590m)

Land loam Misaki store (about 2,900m)

FamilyMart 2, Misaki, Funabashi store (about 2,340m)

大島記念嬉泉病院 (about 1,960m)

The field

The field

The field

The field

The field

The field

Northeast branch road road

Seven-Eleven (Oanakita) (about 1,130m)

4, Oanakita green tract of land (about 800m)

Andersen Park dog orchid (about 3,070m)

Roasted meat incense forest (about 1,180m)

中華豊来軒 (about 1,200m)

MINISTOP (about 1,530m)

See; a park (about 190m) of the saliva self-government hall side

See; a saliva self-government hall (about 180m)


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Surrounding map

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