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3, Tarumachi Detached House

Detached House

The appearance [the local appearance] 2 Station is available and are a location of a 23-minute walk to Tokyu Toyoko Line "Tsunashima" Station. I can access it from nearest bus stop "Komaoka" 停 (a 2-minute walk).

Living (Vacant reform image) [LDK/ about 17.7 quires] ※It is "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared, and the image is a little different from the fact in CG based on the real room photograph and a floor plan.

Living (there is CG furniture) [LDK/ about 17.7 quires] ※As for the image, CG composed a placement example of the furniture ・ furniture in "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared with CG, and is a little different from the fact. In addition, the furniture is not included in sales price.

Kitchen [kitchen] The L-shape kitchen where a line of flow is easy to work briefly is adopted. I can store a kitchen utensil and an accessory in the storage space established up and down clearly.

Bathroom [bathroom] It is bathroom of the warm hue with the horizontally long mirror. It is the space that can heal one-day fatigue.

Restroom [restroom] The clean restroom which was unified in white. The shelf where I can display an interior accessory of the Favorite is installed.

The entrance [corridor] It is a corridor leading from the entrance to a washing face room. A housing part and the flooring of the pro-dark color with the solid feeling are adopted.

The entrance [the entrance] As I enter at the entrance, and shoes closet is established immediately on the right side, it is easy to keep beautiful Status.

Parking space [Parking lot] A motorcycle or the bicycle can park as well as a car, too. You can perform maintenance on the rainy day.

Parking space [Parking lot] As for the Parking lot, the distance with the entrance seems to be able to perform the getting on and off with the small child and the import too of the baggage smoothly soon, too.

The appearance [the field including a front road] You can spend it at ease without being worried about the eyes from a front road as LDK is established in 2nd floor.

The appearance [the field including a front road] The east side front road width is about 5.5m. It is provided with a garage for one (it depends on a car model). I seem to be able to go in and out without getting wet on a rainy day.

Front road [the field including a front road] A positive enters the service space side at the Terrace side in the morning after the afternoon. We have an open feeling in the west for a Status open space.

Front road [the field including a front road] It is a range to a supermarket, a convenience store, a drugstore in a 7-minute walk. Everyday 買出 is the location that doing it can perform comfortably.

Seven-Eleven 4, Tarumachi, Yokohama store (about 400m) A 5-minute walk. There is the handling of the alcoholic beverages ・ deep-fried food side dish. Self-Residential Bldg. and a multi-copier are installed. Open 24 hours.

SUNDRUG Tarumachi store (about 350m) A 5-minute walk. There are 9:00-21:30, Parking lot for business hours. Other than an over-the-counter drug, a baby article and a pet article, cosmetics are handled.

Komaoka bus stop (about 160m) A 2-minute walk. I can access Tokyu Toyoko Line "Tsunashima" Station. Not only the car but also the public transport is a location available casually.

Tsunashima Station (about 1,840m) A 23-minute walk. I can access the Motomachi-Chukagai area, the Shibuya area. The Station yards include a supermarket or a convenience store and are convenient for the shopping of the work return.

New Tsunashima Station (about 1,840m) A 23-minute walk. I can access the Hiyoshi area, the Shin-Yokohama area. I can enjoy shopping and eating out in "the new net island SQUARE" of the Station direct connection.


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