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Suitochou, Suita-shi HOUSE


LDK The living to spend long time in whole family wants you to be comfortable most. I call in light and wind in the extensive living room with a feeling of opening. A lot of storing realizes comfortable house space, too.

The appearance The stylish finish that an outer wall grows to the neighboring cityscape and blue skies!

Living and dining room Bright sunlight greatly comes in through an opened window to Southeast. Nature and families gather in the comfortable living room that refreshing wind blows through.

Living and dining room LDK 13.7 quires where a family is comfortable all together relaxedly widely. A feeling of air that the important space meeting the everyday initiation and termination here is comfortable anytime. On the day to spend time with a calm atmosphere, and to swell in families noisily.

There is a loft in 3F Western-style room Enough area and the room with the storing function promote initiative and the growth of the child. Please in the space of the learning to be devoted to study and a favorite thing supporting the growth of the child.

Kitchen I enjoy the conversation with the important family while making kitchen work. It is the kitchen where the communication of the family is made♪

Washing face room In Meuse comfortable as for the outfit morning in washing face space of a space. Handle a set of the hair and the makeup without stress in three mirrors and seem to be able to go to the commuting attending school comfortably from morning! It is shipped with a good storage space on the back of the mirror!

Dresser It is very convenient for the shampoo in the washstand and everyday cleaning in a faucet with shower ♪ As of course a washroom has a window, I can ventilate it and I can take outside fresh air and am comfortable♪

Bathroom The place where moisture is easy to pile up in bathroom, and mold is easy to appear only by a ventilation fan by all means. The mold cleaning of the bath is comfortable only by there being a window as I can ventilate it in no time.

Restroom As the window arrives for ventilation, it is always comfortable♪

3F Japanese-style room Important private space of each family. It is simple and is finished to be able to use it to a hobby. I placed storing to greatly control a living feeling in the right person for the right place and considered convenience.

3rd floor Western-style room It is the bright room where plentiful sunlight pours into from a big window. I receive comfortable asahi, and good healthy morning of the waking seems to be reached.

Living ・ dining The large space where I seem to hear the laughter of the family ♪ That is all for large LDK, and a heart softens. A family will be that it is in the place where a holiday to spend in living all together becomes a pleasure.

Loft With loft which can effectively utilize space ♪ How to use is up to everybody.

The entrance As I have a lot of storing, I am reliable even if there are a lot of shoes! In comfortable morning, I start every day from here♪

The entrance The approach to the entrance where there is upper feel of a material. I let the life space filled with ・ eases to invite a return, the coming resident to kindly have a foreboding. I seem to be able to enjoy a healthy living♪

Garage The High roof car can be parked, too (by the car model)

Parking lot I enlarge the plastic pool in summer, and is it good to enjoy it with a child?

Front road As cityscape mainly on the House of the low-rise building follows orderly, and a high building is not built in the outskirts, I am endowed with lighting and patency, and the sky is environment feeling the quiet flavor that there is a lot of greenery widely.

Front road A Few road according to car running in the residential area where the front road is quiet. I am reliable for mom weak in the putting in and out of the car and a small child. As it is paved well, I can pass it comfortably even if I go by stroller and bicycle.

LDK LDK which I made for 2nd floor runs out to Southeast, and the sun is good!

Kitchen 食器洗乾燥機付 comes, and the tableware of the family is shiny, too. Convenience Facilities to be able to handle clearing easily, and not to be able to miss in daily life.

Kitchen I enjoy the conversation with the important family while making kitchen work. It is the kitchen where the communication of the family is made♪

LDK Bright sunlight inserts the 2nd floor living with a feeling of opening in the sun well in the daytime. In addition, the privacy is easy to be followed as it is hard to be worried about the glance from a road. It is LDK making an outstanding performance as space of the family pleasure of home life.

Hankyu "Shojaku" Station (about 1,400m) It is an 18-minute walk from this Properties

Suita East elementary school (about 270m)

The fifth junior high school (about 280m)

The Sandy Suita sunrise shop (about 600m)

Kohnan 吹田吹東店 (about 290m)


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