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3, Daitou, Urawa-ku HOUSE


Living Living ・ dining with a kitchen and a sense of unity.

The appearance An order house of the ASAHI KASEI Homes construction.

Kitchen The IH cooking heater adoption that worry of the fire does not need. Even the small child and advanced age is reliable.

Bathroom Bathroom with the laundry pipe.

Restroom ・ Dresser The drawer model storing that I can confirm the washstand to the depths.

Restroom ・ Dresser An easy tankless restroom of the cleaning. There is the Dresser, too and gives an impression of cleanliness.

Living The 2WAY type which can go in and out of a washing face room is adopted by kitchen, both living.

Living A kitchen washhand stand is island kitchen counter. Housework is possible while seeing the state of the family.

Kitchen There is storage space to be able to leave trash boxes in the sink bottom.

Kitchen The kitchen Her Excellency becomes the drawer model storing and comes to be able to deposit and withdraw back quality smoothly, too.

Western-style room (about 8.0 quires) All the openings become the sliding door, and a line of flow is smooth.

Western-style room (about 8.0 quires) As there is the entrance of the loft part, brings the impression with the open feeling.

Western-style room (about 7.0 quires) I see an elementary school from the window of the north side.

Western-style room (about 7.0 quires) In addition to each room ceiling Right, a brief downlight of the care is working under lightener.

Walk-in closet There are about three quires, and storing power is abundant.

Walk-in closet The walk-in closet which can go in and out of both Western-style rooms.

Loft There is the window and is a bright loft!

Loft The back of the hut storing which can go in and out of both room and corridor of about 8.0 quires of Western-style rooms.

Terrace In a Northeast corner lot, an authority of sun ・ style is good!



Corridor An opening is greatly taken and directs a bright corridor.

Corridor It becomes the colonnade and brings a bright impression.

The appearance

Front road


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Surrounding map

Address 3, Daitou, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama > GoogleMap