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Fukaisawamachi, Naka-ku, Sakai-shi [single-family house]

HOUSE Reform & renovation

Living As conducting wire is Plan getting well, I can locate the furniture such as a dining table and a sofa, the low table well, too. Please spend time for Kazoku Danran in space of the unhurried area.

About six quires of Western-style rooms (North) In the room warm flooring of the grain of wood redecorated from a Japanese-style room. The good morning of the feeling seems to be reached in a bright bedroom.

Kitchen I have it made newly in a system kitchen of with three mouth cookers. In a kitchen to show which can look around the work space from dining, a connection of the space with the dining produces a space of the space.

Bathroom I change the position of the bathtub and the placement of the window and become bathroom of feelings of seller. As moisture is easy to pile up, and bathroom is the place where mold is easy to appear by all means only by a ventilation fan, there is just a window and can ventilate it in no time.

Washstand It is very convenient for the shampoo in the washstand and everyday cleaning in a faucet with shower! As of course a washroom has a window, I can ventilate it and I can take outside fresh air and am comfortable!

Working space As it becomes the space suitable for teleworking while being in the living room, it is the fashion space that seems to be able to expect various usage.

About six quires of Western-style rooms (South) It is the bright room where plentiful sunlight pours into from a big bay window. I receive comfortable asahi, and good healthy morning of the waking seems to be reached.

About 4.5 quires of Western-style rooms Important private space of each family. It is simple and is finished to be able to use it to a hobby. I placed storing to greatly control a living feeling in the right person for the right place and considered convenience.

The appearance With the location of a 7-minute walk from Semboku Rapid Railway line "Fukai" Station, the parking space is secured for one, too and is full of convenience and functionality.

The appearance It is Properties overflowing in the painting construction and the entrance door of the outer wall, a feeling of cleanliness that, moreover, the post is had made newly.

The entrance The concern that it is what there is, and the precious entrance is a shoe, and the storage space that is available as a substitute for a shoe cupboard in the upper part comes to have a lot of seems to be dissolved.

Restroom You put the cushion floor and change it and seem to be able to use it immediately as there is the warm water washing.

Living I did swap to the flooring of the basic tone settled down in July, 2022. Furthermore, there is the intercom with storing shelf and TV monitor, and Facilities to be able to rely on in the case of emergency is an array in living!

Living It is living full of a feeling of opening that can feel plentiful sunlight and refreshing wind even if in the room. The good time for feeling to spend with a family calmly goes by.

FamilyMart Fukaisawamachi, Sakai store (about 170m) It is open with a location of a 3-minute walk from this Properties for 24 hours.


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