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7, Tomiokanishi, Kanazawa-ku HOUSE

HOUSE Reform & renovation

The building appearance It is convenient for commuting and attending school in a 12-minute walk from ・ "Nokendai" Station in a 10-minute walk from Keikyu Line "KeikyuTomioka" Station ♪ In the garage protecting an important car from rain and wind under the ground, two columns are parkable. (by the car model)

About 15 quires of LDK It is living full of a feeling of opening that can feel plentiful sunlight and refreshing wind even if in the room. The good time for feeling to spend with a family calmly goes by.

About 15 quires of LDK It is the house space where there is a space brightly where is good to the person who wants to value time to spend with a family. The sunlight from a window of the south side arrives well to the every corner of the living!

Kitchen The L-shape island kitchen counter system kitchen which a family can look around. It is with a dishwasher, and the tableware of the family is shiny, too. Convenience Facilities to be able to handle clearing easily, and not to be able to miss in daily life.

About six quires of Western-style rooms In the room warm flooring of the grain of wood. The good morning of the feeling seems to be reached in a bright bedroom.

About six quires of Western-style rooms A Western-style room facing the South Terrace. It is two lighting to secure plentiful sunlight♪

About six quires of Western-style rooms A Western-style room facing the South Terrace. It is the comfortable space where bright sunlight comes in♪

About six quires of Western-style rooms Enough area and the room with the storing function promote initiative and the growth of the child. Please in the space of the learning to be devoted to study and a favorite thing supporting the growth of the child.

The second-floor Terrace It is charm in Facing South that the good Terrace per positive can dry much laundry at a time if I add a balcony for drying clothes set!

About 5.2 quires of Western-style rooms Two lighting with a feeling of opening ♪ Important private space of each family. It is simple and is finished to be able to use it to a hobby.

About 5.2 quires of Western-style rooms In the room warm flooring of the grain of wood.

Bathroom Bathroom with the heating ventilation dryer ・ Reheating function. As it was the place that healed one-day fatigue, I prepared for a bathtub of the size relaxedly to have you spend time comfortably. I establish the small window not to be filled with air.

Restroom Restroom (two) with the toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user♪

Dresser with the triple mirror ・ shower Handle a set of the hair and the makeup without stress in three mirrors and seem to be able to go to the commuting attending school comfortably from morning! It is shipped with a good storage space on the back of the mirror!

Washing machine place As a window is attached, I can ventilate it and I can take outside fresh air and am comfortable♪

Front yard of the Hall for state ceremonies Through the private vegetable garden ・ gardening in the garden, the memories seem to increase when I bring you up with a child♪

The entrance The entrance where there is upper feel of a material♪

The entrance The stylish entrance which thrills the living person when the visitor entered♪

Intercom with the TV monitor Intercom with TV monitor - which is convenient in a visitor

About 15 quires of LDK I call in light and wind in the extensive living room with a feeling of opening.

Three shares of gas rings It is three shares of gas rings that the cooking progresses♪

Dishwasher The dishwasher can save water in comparison with hand-washing, and the oil dirt is refreshing by high temperature washing, too. It is the strong friend of busy mom♪

Bathroom heating ventilation dryer As bathroom with a dryer can dry laundry on the rainy day, it is an outstanding performance at the home of the busy working together.

The building appearance and front road A Few road according to car running in the residential area where the front road is quiet. I am reliable for mom weak in the putting in and out of the car and a small child.

Keikyu store Tomioka shop (about 850m) It is the location of a 11-minute walk from about 850m ・ to a Keikyu store Tomioka shop

Tomiokanishi Park (about 350m) It is the location of a 5-minute walk from about 350m ・ to Tomiokanishi Park

Shiraishi clinic (about 540m) It is the location of a 7-minute walk from about 540m ・ until the Shiraishi clinic


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