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7, Kamariyahigashi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi HOUSE

HOUSE Reform & renovation

The appearance It is 4LDK HOUSE having good view to nestle in the quiet low-rise building residential area that is full of green. (March, 2023 Renovation completed)

The appearance With the Parking lot space (there are car model restrictions). Please refer for the details.

About 14 quires of LDK As it is hard to be worried about the glance from a road, for a hill, the privacy is easy to be followed, too. It is LDK making an outstanding performance as space of the family pleasure of home life.

About 14 quires of LDK If leave LDK+ adjacency Japanese-style room, partitioning open, in about 20 quires of hospitality space!

Island kitchen counter system kitchen The kitchen of the island kitchen counter is a system kitchen with the dishwasher ・ water purifier.

About 7.5 quires of Western-style rooms About 7.5 quires of master bedrooms which are the largest in this house are excellent at comfort♪

About 7.5 quires of Western-style rooms I am faced with Terrace and am the room with the open feeling of two lighting.

About six quires of Western-style rooms (Chuo) All three rooms on the second floor are faced with Terrace♪

About six quires of Western-style rooms (Chuo) In the room warm flooring of the grain of wood♪

About six quires of Western-style rooms I am faced with Terrace and am the room with the open feeling of two lighting.

About six quires of Western-style rooms Storage space is established in each each room and can utilize space effectively widely.

Garret storing (about six quires of Western-style rooms) I utilize the garret space that is apt to become the dead space as storing.

Bathroom A bathroom with the heating ventilation dryer ・ Reheating function. I establish the small window not to be filled with air.

Dresser with the triple mirror ・ shower Handle a set of the hair and the makeup without stress in three mirrors and seem to be able to go to the commuting attending school comfortably from morning! It is shipped with a good storage space on the back of the mirror!

Restroom The restroom (two) with the toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user. As the window arrives, it is always comfortable let alone a ventilation fan for ventilation♪

Washing machine place It is a clean washing face room based on white. As a window is attached, I can ventilate it and I can take outside fresh air and am comfortable♪

Terrace It is Terrace facing all three rooms on the second floor♪

View from Terrace I can look around the state of the cityscape far♪

The entrance hall It is simple and modern entrance & hall feeling the warmth of the tree♪

Dropping case There is the shoe cupboard which I can fully store at the entrance. Let alone the shoes of the family, it is available as storage spaces such as a lead or the tote bag to use at the time of the pet walking.

The entrance The stylish entrance which thrills the living person when the visitor entered♪

Intercom with the TV monitor Intercom with TV monitor - which is convenient in a visitor

Sink As the clean water function shower faucet belonging to can draw a faucet together with a water purifier, it is convenient when I wash a sink at time to pour clean water into a pot or a pan♪

Three shares of gas rings I am belonging to three shares of gas ring ・ grills where the cooking progresses.

Dishwasher The dishwasher can save water in comparison with hand-washing, and the oil dirt is refreshing by high temperature washing, too. It is the strong friend of busy mom♪

そうてつ Rosen 釜利谷店 (about 870m) It is the location of a 11-minute walk from about 870m ・ to そうてつ Rosen 釜利谷店.

Mountain in summer Higashi Park (about 410m) It is the location of a 6-minute walk from about 410m ・ to mountain in summer Higashi Park.

Shirayuri, Kanazawa clinic (about 340m) It is the location of a 5-minute walk from about 340m ・ until the Shirayuri, Kanazawa clinic.

Seven-Eleven 7, Kamariyahigashi, Yokohama store (about 810m) It is the location of a 11-minute walk from about 810m ・ to Seven-Eleven 7, Kamariyahigashi, Yokohama store.


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