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Mihocho HOUSE

HOUSE Reform & renovation

The appearance photograph It is HOUSE of the の oar electrification old in September, 2014. It is an eco-friendly eco-・ energy saving specifications house using solar panel and eco jaws.

LDK (about 17.5 quires) LDK which secured a certain about 17.5 quires of space area. About two lighting, an authority of exposure to the sun ・ style is good.

Kitchen There is an attached cupboard, and the storage space of the kitchen is abundant, too

Washing face room I can go in and out of LDK and two places of stairs. October, 2022 washstand newly installed finished.

2nd floor Western-style room (about 5.2 quires) A 2nd floor living room is a Western-style room located aside. Renovated indoor in October, 2022.

Western-style room (about 6.0 quires) It is the room which is bright for two lighting.

Western-style room (about 6.0 quires) For a simple design, you can enjoy favorite interior.

LDK (about 17.5 quires) From island kitchen counter full of a feeling of opening, I can enjoy the conversation with the family in dishes.

LDK (about 17.5 quires) The living and dining room has good exposure to the sun to be to the 2nd floor part.

Western-style room (about 5.2 quires) It is a Western-style room of the simple interior. I can locate it for preference including the art of a houseplant and the Favorite.

IH cooking heater It is the IH cooking healer who does not use fire and the gas.

Range hood

2nd floor restroom It is the space that is bright with small window which natural light inserts. October, 2022 restroom newly installed finished.

1st restroom The restroom is placed in 1st and the 2nd floor each. When a timing is easy to be piled up, in morning preparations or visitor, it is usable without hesitation.

Closet As each Western-style room is provided with expenses, you can utilize house space widely.

Closet Petty people classify it and can receive it because I am belonging to a shelf.

Closet Because storage space is in the each room, I can show the room clearly.

Closet For deep storage space, the big baggage including seasonal household appliances and the tool of the hobby is storable, too.

Terrace An authority of ・ style per positive is good, and the washing on the day when it was fine seems to dry for Southwest Orientation Terrace well.

The entrance The entrance has the shoes box which can hold a lot of shoes of the family.

Kitchen Counter space is large and, in the case of serving meals and the tidying up of dishes, can perform the delivery of the dish smoothly.

Midori-ku government office (about 1,500m)

Hack drug Nakayama shop (about 1,400m)

Food building green leaves Nakayama shop (about 1,300m)

cocokara fine Nakayama south exit store (about 1,500m)

Forest Park of the four seasons (about 1,000m)

The appearance photograph

The appearance photograph

Parking lot


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Surrounding map

Address Mihocho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap