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7, Itsukaichichuo HOUSE


It is the Properties which I want you to see by all means The life convenience facilities such as 82.87 square meters of 2SLDK supermarkets and park, hospital are within walking distance and are an introduction to live at good 7, Itsukaichichuo of the house environment

LDK about 17.1 quires Space layout opening-like in being the Plan of the living direct connection from the entrance without making the corridor. As there is not a corridor, it becomes easy to secure a way of the wind.

The entrance The entrance hall where the ventilation is good brightly as there is a window

Stairs The stairs handrail of the antiqued iron. A discerning design gives an accent in the space

LDK about 17.1 quires It is the Properties of the luxurious line of flow connected directly with opening-like space and living to spread when I open the entrance

Fireplace (firewood stove) I can warm the whole room by big heat efficiently. It is a point that instead of using the firewood, it does not cost an electricity bill and kerosene charges. When a disaster and a blackout happened, it is usable as a light and cooking, heating.

Kitchen As there is a window on the north side and the east side, I am spirited

Three shares of cookers It leads to reduction of working hours of the housework if I make the most of three shares of cookers which is convenient for cooking at the same time. When I want to finish cooking ahead at a stretch on the weekend, it is convenient. It is a busy everyday friend.

Kitchen faucet The appearance is stylish by a minimal design, too. I can use the sink spaciously. I can pour water easily even if I put a big pan.

About 6.6 quires of Western-style rooms As there is a loft, a ceiling is expensive, and there is a feeling of opening

About 6.6 quires of Western-style rooms

Loft (about 3.0 quires)

About 6.0 quires of Western-style rooms

Washing face space Natural light enters at the window and is bright space based on white

Bathroom With bathroom ventilation heating dryer which is convenient for a rainy day and a day to be worried about pollen

Bathtub with step As there is a step in the bathtub, it is the bathtub shape that it is easy to use for the bathing of an elderly person and the child. How about the relaxed bathtime by a half-length bath?

Rest room As there is a window, the efficiency of the ventilation improves brightly, too

About 6.0 quires of Western-style rooms

Loft (about 3.6 quires)

About 5.4 quires of storerooms

Loft (about 3.0 quires)

2nd floor corridor storing I secure storage space in a corridor


PV system I can reduce electricity to buy by photovoltaic power generation, and the point that is kind to the global environment is a point

Light control-type downlight The downlight which I am easy to direct which functionality of light control and the toning is higher than other lighting, and is small. It is the helpful services which puts it together in the same space in a feeling and time, and can turn the atmosphere of the room.

Parking space

The appearance photograph

Sun Live Itsukaichi (about 200m)

FUTABA TOSHO TSUTAYAGIGA 5th downtown area (about 110m)


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Surrounding map

Address 7, Itsukaichichuo, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima > GoogleMap