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3, Watarida HOUSE


The appearance "[3, Watarida] It is a 7-minute walk to JR Nambu Line "Sakae Oda" Station. Exposure to the sun is good in a Southeast ・ Southwest corner lot and is a house of opening-like 3LDK+S. "

Figure of ground type "[The whole division figure] A location to be located in the Southeast ・ Southwest corner lot, and to be full of open feelings. The frontage on the Southwest side has space that seems to be able to perform about 6.2m, the putting in and out of the car smoothly. " ※It is not a measured drawing.

The appearance "[The local appearance photograph] The appearance design that the combination of dark color and yellow color attracts an eye. The car for three which I can use for the one for total of guest to have two in couples is belonging to space (by the car model). "

The appearance "[The local appearance photograph] As there are few pitch differences and front road, I am reliable at the time of the outing such as putting in and out or the stroller of the car. "

The appearance "[The local appearance photograph] Sunlight from the Southeast side comes in in the 2nd floor living ・ 3rd floor living room and is the house where bright space spreads. "

The appearance "[The local appearance photograph] The car space where the invention that drainage of the rainwater was easy to be made was taken. As the 1st Terrace part is with a shutter, I am reliable in a security aspect. "

Living and dining room "[Living] For 2nd floor living, I can spend the time with the family without minding eyes from the outside. Two lighting that is easy to take in sunlight is attractive. "

Living and dining room "[Living] A certain about 16.2 quires of space LDK. I seem to be able to enjoy a layout of the furniture including a dining table and the sofa. "

Living and dining room "[Living] The island kitchen counter which can work while enjoying the conversation with a family and the friend. The living stairs which meet a family, and are easy to take the communication are adopted. "

Kitchen "[Kitchen] The kitchen where the Facilities that dishes and tidying up including three shares of gas ring ・ Dishwasher and dryer progressed was enriched. The sliding storage space seems to be able to hold the kitchen tool effectively. "

Bathroom "[Bathroom] Bathroom where the bathroom of the black color is modern. I seem to be able to spend comfortable bathtime because I can set hot water temperature and the quantity of water. "

Bathroom "[Bathroom] As a hanging the washing rail is established, I seem to be able to dry laundry regardless of a season and weather. "

Dresser "[Washstand ・ washroom] The Dresser which the storing including the mirror side ・ bowl bottom has abundant. I seem to be able to store a washing face article and cleaning goods for each every use and category clearly. "

Dresser "[Washstand ・ washroom] As a door is installed, I can keep living space clearly by opening a door at the time of use. "

Restroom on the second floor "[Restroom] It is set up by each of the 1st ・ 2nd floor and can use it without hesitation in the visitor. With natural ventilatable window. "

1st Japanese-style room "[Japanese-style room/about 6.0 quires] The Japanese-style room where a round window lets you feel taste. It is the space where sunlight to come in through a 1st Terrace part is comfortable. "

1st Japanese-style room "[Japanese-style room/about 6.0 quires] There is a tokonoma and can give glory to favorite interior. Store the futon for the visitor in the storage space, as the guest room seem to be able to use it. "

The third-floor Western-style room "[Western-style room/about 8.9 quires] A Western-style room of the area that I seem to be able to use as master bedroom. There are two door which I can go in and out of and can do it to a lifestyle in two rooms. "

The third-floor Western-style room "[Western-style room/about 7.8 quires] There are two closet and it is easy to look at the clothing for the whole family and seems to be able to receive it. It is a living room filled with brightness by two lighting. "

The third-floor Western-style room

The third-floor Western-style room

The third-floor master bedroom

Shinmachi Elementary School (about 640m)

Watarida Junior High School (about 530m)

Ito-Yokado Kawasaki shop (about 490m)

Nippon Kokan Hospital (about 730m)

Nambu Line "Sakae Oda" Station (about 520m)

Nambu Line "Kawasakishimmachi" Station (about 910m)


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Surrounding map

Address 3, Watarida, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap