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Tsukunocho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Land


The field (Status: Parking lot) [Tsukunocho, Tsurumi-ku] The Land of a certain feeling about 21.01 tsubo open in a Southwest ・ Northwest corner lot. It is not building conditioning Residence sale. An arcade mall mall is next to "real being paid".

The field (Status: Parking lot) [local Land] I can build it at a favorite house maker ・ engineering firm. I can realize an ideal house to the lifestyle of the family.

The field (Status: Parking lot) [local Land] The Southwest branch road road is width about 6.3m, frontage about 6.9m. As the Southwest side faces the mall, you consider the house with the store.

The field (Status: Parking lot) [local Land] Status is Parking lot, but becomes the delivery in the Empty after the dismantling. Building Coverage Ratio (BCR) 80%, Floor-Area Ratio (FAR) are 400%. A building is possible immediately as soon as a plan is decided.

The field (Status: Parking lot) [local Land] It is a location of a 13-minute walk to JR Keihin Tohoku, Negishi Line "Tsurumi" Station. Around Station, there are a shopping mall or a supermarket, a restaurant, and commercial facilities are substantial.

The field (Status: Parking lot) [local Land] For a corner lot, it is a location blessed with a lighting ・ ventilation ・ opening feeling. Because there is a building in the neighborhood, you consider Plan in consideration of the sun and privacy.

Front road [the field including a front road] The outskirts are located in the Commercial District. As it is next to the mall, a thing necessary for a living is convenient house environment prepared close.

Front road [the field including a front road] The Northwest branch road road is width about 4.5m, frontage about 13.0m. There are few pitch differences and front road and can perform the putting in and out such as cars smoothly, too.

Real is paid [front road] The arcade mall mall of the Southwest branch road road "points out real". As there is an arcade, I can do shopping without getting wet on a rainy day.

Real is paid [front road] It is the mall of the retro atmosphere feeling nostalgic for slightly. A convenience store and a vegetable store are nearby and can go for buying casually anytime.

Real is paid [front road] The mall is lined with super ・ 100-yen shop ・ bookstore ・ restaurants. The shopping that most of the things necessary for life keep in is convenient house environment.

Keihin-Tohoku Line, ・ Tsurumi Line "Tsurumi" Station (about 990m) A 13-minute walk. Keihin Tohoku, Negishi Line is available to the Yokohama ・ Kannai area, the Kamata ・ Shinagawa area. The "Tsurumi" Station accesses the Ogimachi ・ Okawa ・ Umishibaura area.

Toyooka Elementary School (about 480m) A 6-minute walk. It is a historical elementary school of the foundation for 1,872 years. The education target is "the Toyooka native who learns, and raises it, and opens up tomorrow with a town".

Tsurumi Junior High School (about 1,600m) A 20-minute walk. A junior high school of the 1947 foundation. I can read the introduction of news from school and club activities in the HP. There are soccer club, volleyball club, brass band club.


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