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Honmokumotomachi, Naka-ku HOUSE


The appearance "[Honmokumotomachi, Naka-ku] A house of the 3LDK nestling in Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential District. It is in the development land for sale by the lot, and the Within development project road features what it is easy to pass at interlocking grip pavement. It is 嬉 for a child care generation to the elementary school in a 9-minute walk

LDK "[LDK/ about 17.7 quires] I arrive to Southwest and am the bright room in the daytime. In family all of you, you can spend time for pleasure of home life relaxedly. "

LDK "[LDK/ about 17.7 quires] It is the simple interior that is congenial to the interior of various tastes. You can enjoy the making of favorite room. "

Bathroom "[Bathroom] You can take a half-length bath and can heal unhurried fatigue. As there is a window, brisk ventilation is possible and can use it comfortably without collecting moisture, and being crowded. "

Kitchen "[Kitchen] The stylish, clean kitchen which was unified with white. I am considered by the life line of flow including Taking out garbage and the 1:00 holder because I can go in and out of a gateway for a host. "

4.8-tatami Japanese-style room "[Japanese-style room/about 4.8 quires] About 4.8 quires of Japanese-style rooms which are next to the living. As relaxation space or parlor after a meal, you can utilize it widely. It is provided with a closet. "


View from a Western-style room

Restroom "[Restroom/1st] I am easy to wash my hands, and the hand-washing counter where an appearance was lucid is established. You can utilize the back shelf as a display case. "

LDK "[LDK/ about 17.7 quires] A Japanese-style room is adjacent, and on earth the use is possible. I am belonging to storage space. You can utilize the setting of the cabinet spaciously clearly to a minimum between the house sky. "

4.8-tatami Japanese-style room

Kitchen "[Kitchen] The counter kitchen of the island kitchen counter can do housework while feeling the sign of the family. If clearing of dishes and the tableware which I made lets a counter go through, I finish a line of flow briefly. "


Washstand "[Washstand ・ washroom] A triple mirror of with middle mirror letting you are easy to dress yourself and feel space to be wide. You can utilize the back of the mirror as storage space. "

5.0 quires of Western-style rooms "[Western-style room/about 5.0 quires] The bright Western-style room which can take in sunlight from Southwest. It is located next to the washing face room, and housework efficiency seems to rise as comings and goings to Terrace are possible by using it as a housework room. "

5.0 quires of Western-style rooms "[Western-style room/about 5.0 quires] As it is simple interior, you can enjoy favorite interior. As an installed closet possesses a hanger pipe, storing できそ unhurried even as for the clothes having a long length

12.0 quires of Western-style rooms "[Western-style room/about 12.0 quires] It is the widest in a living room and is recommended to master bedroom. Sunlight from the Southwest side comes in by three lighting on a fine day and is the room which is bright until the evening. "

12.0 quires of Western-style rooms "[Western-style room/about 12.0 quires] A Western-style room of a certain space area. As it is established two places, a door is available for the use as two rooms, too. It can support flexible to a lifestyle. "

12.0 quires of Western-style rooms

12.0 quires of Western-style rooms

SIC "[Shoes ink roque] Shoe closet is established at the entrance. Stroller and outdoor goods are packable as well as shoes. "

View from Terrace

The appearance

The appearance

Car space

View from a dwelling unit

Terrace "[Terrace] The Terrace which balcony for drying clothes hardware is installed in. As it is deep, I put the pool of the child and can enjoy playing in the water. "

Terrace "[Terrace] I arrive to Southwest, and the sun is good. As it is unhurried Terrace, I can dry laundry clearly. "

The appearance


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Surrounding map

Address Honmokumotomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap