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New Price Designers order house belonging to Yokohama Ishikawachō garage

Detached House

The appearance photograph [designers order house belonging to Yokohama Ishikawachō garage] It is a 12-minute walk to ・ Minatomirai Line "Motomachi-Chukagai" Station to JR Keihin Tohoku, Negishi Line "Ishikawachō" Station in a 3-minute walk. It is a designer house of the December for 2,005 years.

The appearance photograph [local photograph including a front road] The anterior surface of Southeast side road width is about 4m. Because the traffic of the large car is controlled, you can spend it in relatively quiet environment.

Indoor photograph

Indoor photograph

Indoor photograph

Front road [local photograph including a front road] As a supermarket, a drugstore, a park, elementary and junior high schools scatter within the range of an 8-minute walk, it is recommended to a family during child care.

Western-style room (about 8.0 quires) [Western-style room] A Western-style room facing the dining. As there is not a partition, it is available as living.

Roof balcony [Terrace] The unhurried roof balcony which sunlight pours into. The thick laundry seems to dry well.

Kitchen [kitchen] The kitchen enjoys the conversation with the family in island kitchen counter. A spacious work top and a sink, abundant storing are attractive.

The entrance [the entrance] I can enter the entrance at the garage smoothly without baggage getting wet even on Many time and a rainy day and am convenient.

Bathroom [bathroom] The nature ventilation is possible without not only adopting it, and loading it with natural light, but also collecting moisture, and being crowded as a window is established in a bathroom.

Bathroom [bathroom] The bright half outdoor bath where bathroom which healed one-day fatigue was based on white. I give an impression of cleanliness and am a calm atmosphere.

Washroom [washing face room] As I enter at the entrance, and a washing face room is located at the immediate position, it is hygienic without indoor, bringing in a dirt when going out.

Dresser [washing face room] Storing is prepared for in the upper washstand by richness. Let alone cosmetics and a washing face article, it is convenient as storage spaces such as a towel or pajamas.

Restroom [restroom] The restroom of the concrete design that the wall is modern. The storage space that can hold toilet paper in the upper part is established.

The second-floor Western-style room [loft] I install open stairs in the central part of the house. I secure all rooms two higher than lighting, and an authority of lighting ・ style is good.

The second-floor Western-style room [loft] Five places of windows in total are located in the loft space and are good space of the ventilation. I seem to be able to spend time comfortably without being filled with moisture.

The second-floor Western-style room [loft] As you are able to afford to enjoy a hobby even if you install furniture as a place and sleep space, a child room, it is multi-and can use it.

Western-style room (about 8.0 quires) [Western-style room] As two places of windows and Terrace are installed, it is the comfortable room that comfortable wind goes along. It is provided with floor lower storing.

Floor lower storing [storing] It is large-capacity floor lower storing. I can store the toy of the child and a seasonal accessory, futon of the out of season in one and am easy to manage the baggage.

The appearance photograph [the local appearance photograph] A motorcycle or the bicycle can park in the Parking lot other than the car, too. I can perform maintenance on the rainy day.

The appearance photograph [the local appearance photograph] The design which the appearance is a by color, and is stylish. In the roof, extensive roof balcony is established.

Front road

Yokohama City port Junior High School (about 630m) An 8-minute walk. A commute for a child becoming slow in return time by club activities with a few burdens. I can effectively utilize the time after the return including study and lessons.


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Surrounding map

Address 1, Ishikawacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap