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3, Sawaragihama HOUSE


LDK ※The image is different from the fact in the thing that CG composed a placement example of the furniture ・ furniture in "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared with CG based on the real room situation and a floor plan to some extent. In addition, the furniture is not included in sales price.

The appearance

Western-style room 2 (about 9.5 quires) a window is established in the south side, and is opening-like house space brightly.

Western-style room 2 (about 9.5 quires) can just store the laundry which comings and goings to roof balcony took in by a possibility in a closet.

Western-style room 3 (about 6.0 quires) is many sides lighting that the every corner of the room is full of bright light. If there are any bright sunlight, loving space always occurs in feelings for feeling.

Western-style room 1 There is about 9.6 quires of area, and the large bed is placeable. There is WIC, and the room space can keep it clearly.

Western-style room 1 (about 9.6 quires) as the master bedroom to get two lighting establishes the window in the South ・ west, the feeling becomes bright brightly all day, too.

Western-style room 3 (about 6.0 quires) as there is a closet, can receive clothing or bedclothing by the setting of the cabinet clearly to a minimum.

The entrance The entrance where was provided with shoe closet. You can put the shoes for the family away clearly.

Kitchen I enjoy the conversation with the important family while making kitchen work. It is the kitchen where the communication of the family is made.

2F washing face room A washing face room is on 2nd floor and is the Layout which is convenient for roof balcony, a walk-in closet and washing.

2F restroom A washhand stand is established, and it is smooth, and the hand-washing after the use is hygienic, too.

Bathroom The place where moisture is easy to pile up in bathroom, and mold is easy to appear only by a ventilation fan by all means. The mold cleaning of the bath is comfortable only by there being a window as I can ventilate it in no time.

1F restroom There is the men's room in the 1st restroom, too.

The entrance

Roof balcony

Roof balcony

Parking space Car model restrictions available

Bicycle parking lot We do not have to worry rainy because I am belonging to a roof.


Front passage

The appearance

The appearance

The appearance

Marsh overgrown with reeds Elementary School (about 460m)

South junior high school (about 1,300m)

Sawaragihama Park (about 160m)

Food building アプロ 沢良宜店 (about 450m)

茨木沢良宜郵便局 (about 440m)


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Surrounding map

Address 3, Sawaragihama, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka > GoogleMap