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1, Ayukawa HOUSE


LDK (about 12.7 quires) the living in stairs that focused on the talks of the family! "Now!" "Welcome back!" I feel safe that I always hear voices of this♪

The appearance

Kitchen It is provided with three shares of IH cookers which is available for plural cooking. Perform housework efficiently and can enjoy the time for hobby and time for pleasure of home life with the family in the time that I had free.

Dresser In Meuse comfortable as for the outfit morning in washing face space of a space. Handle a set of the hair and the makeup without stress in three mirrors and seem to be able to go to the commuting attending school comfortably from morning! It is shipped with a good storage space on the back of the mirror!

Bathroom The place where moisture is easy to pile up in bathroom, and mold is easy to appear only by a ventilation fan by all means. I can ventilate it in no time only by there being a window.

Restroom It is near from the entrance and is convenient when I am in a hurry.

3rd floor Western-style room 1 (about 8.5 quires) there is enough area, and is recommended as master bedroom.

3rd floor Western-style room 2 (about 3.0 quires) is a Western-style room of two lighting. It is provided with the closet with the storing power.

Storeroom (about 3.0 quires)


The second-floor Terrace It is charm in Facing South that the good Terrace per positive can dry much laundry at a time if I add a balcony for drying clothes set!

LDK (about 12.7 quires) bright sunlight inserts the 2nd floor living with a feeling of opening in the sun well in the daytime. In addition, the privacy is easy to be followed as it is hard to be worried about the glance from a road. I make an outstanding performance as space of the family pleasure of home life

3rd floor Western-style room 1 (about 8.5 quires) a popular loft to be able to put the secret room of the child and a thing not to usually use away is working under you.

3rd floor Western-style room 1 (about 8.5 quires), for the area that a passage can secure even if display double Bet and two single beds, and put it, is the room which is easy to use as a bedroom.

3rd floor Western-style room 1 (about 8.5 quires) is two bright room where plentiful sunlight pours into from a window.

Parking space

The appearance

The appearance

Shirakawa Elementary School (about 650m)

Shinonome Junior High School (about 350m)

Ayukawa, Ibaraki post office (about 450m)

Seven-Eleven 1, Ayukawa, Ibaraki store (about 260m)

Fresco Ayukawa shop (about 260m)


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Surrounding map

Address 1, Ayukawa, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka > GoogleMap