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2, Osumidai, Isehara-shi HOUSE


LDK (16.75 quires) ▼Even if the living room connected to the second floor by living ▼ colonnade is where, the sign of the family is felt

Parking space ▼Parking lot ▼ parking space available (by the car model)

The appearance ▼Facing South inner Terrace available of appearance ▼ 建物幅, the plentiful laundry dry well

LDK (16.75 quires) ▼The floor heating which he/she warms kindly from the step without polluting living ▼ air is kind to a small child

LDK (16.75 quires) ▼Everybody gathers living ▼ here, and a meal and a pleasant conversation begin. I am absorbed in a talk too much and forget just just time. The place that lets you feel such a short-lived happiness.

Kitchen ▼A kitchen ▼ tableware washing machine supports clearing! I can have the relaxation time of the family after the meal slowly♪

Kitchen ▼System kitchen with kitchen ▼ dishwasher

Kitchen ▼It is the kitchen where such a nice ・ which kitchen ▼ dishes want to do is fun♪

Kitchen ▼When I put a heavy thing, kitchen ▼ storing realizes a smooth pull feeling. A function that speed falls on the way even if I thrust a drawer when it is closed and closes calmly is belonging to it, and relief ・ is convenient♪

Other introspectiveness ▼There is the space that can wash the hand if I return from Other introspectiveness ▼ going out.

Restroom (1F) ▼In the restroom which is ecological with a restroom ▼ saving water type, it has natural Washlet now.

Bathroom ▼Washing because of rain reliable in one with bathroom ▼ bathroom dryer

Dresser ▼Dresser with the mirror which is wide to washroom ▼ triple mirror

Washroom ▼It is very convenient for the shampoo in the washstand and everyday cleaning in a faucet with washroom ▼ shower♪

Restroom (2F) The function to warm a toilet seat is included, and it is comfortable, and can you not appear from the restroom?

Japanese-style room (about 4.5 quires) ▼If leave Japanese-style room ▼ southern aspect LDK+ adjacency Japanese-style room, partitioning open; in the 21.2-tatami-mat hospitality space in total

Japanese-style room (about 4.5 quires) ▼As Japanese-style room ▼ Japanese-style room is a place to keep an eye on from living, what I use as play room ・ nap space of the child is recommended♪

Japanese-style room (about 4.5 quires) ▼A Japanese-style room of 4.5 tatami adjacent to LDK of Japanese-style room ▼ 16.7 quires.

Storing ▼The storing that I arranged for each storing ▼ room is house みやすさへのこだわり

Western-style room (about 6.0 quires) ▼It is the comfortable space where Western-style room ▼ bright sunlight comes in♪

Western-style room (about 6.0 quires) ▼It is two lighting to secure sunlight with full of Western-style room ▼♪

Western-style room (about 6.0 quires) ▼It is two lighting to secure sunlight with full of Western-style room ▼♪

Walk-in closet (about 3.0 quires) ▼The longed-for walk-in closet which is pleased with very much by the person that walk-in closet ▼ clothes are taken good care of.

Walk-in closet (about 3.0 quires ▼I realize the life that is a hand in storing in the house with walk-in closet ▼ walk-in closet! As can fully store not only the clothing but also a box thing and the memento, as for tidying smoothly. I can use the living room space more spaciously!

Western-style room (about 7.5 quires) ▼As the master bedroom to get Western-style room ▼ two lighting establishes the window in the south side, the feeling becomes bright brightly all day, too.

Western-style room (about 7.5 quires) ▼It is the bright room where plentiful sunlight pours into from Western-style room ▼ big window. I receive comfortable asahi, and good healthy morning of the waking seems to be reached.

Terrace ▼It is charm that the good Terrace per Terrace ▼ positive can dry much laundry at a time if I add a balcony for drying clothes set!

Terrace ▼The private space that Terrace ▼ Terrace is not the place where I just dry laundry, and creates time with a space of the family.

Other ▼Of Other ▼ pet wash the hands, and a pretty good bathroom can use it.


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