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Nakado, Hiratsuka-shi Newly-Built HOUSE Building No. 2


LDK (about 17.3 quires) ▼Bright sunlight inserts the 2nd floor living with a feeling of living ▼ opening in the sun well in the daytime. In addition, the privacy is easy to be followed as it is hard to be worried about the glance from a road.

The appearance ▼The stylish finish that appearance ▼ outer wall grows to the neighboring cityscape and blue skies!

View from Terrace ▼The appearance that is "the good quality" that value continues for the future without being influenced by view ▼ fashion.

LDK (about 17.3 quires) ▼It is living full of a feeling of opening that can feel plentiful sunlight and refreshing wind even if in living ▼ room.

LDK (about 17.3 quires) ▼The living to spend long time in living ▼ whole family wants you to be comfortable most.

Kitchen ▼With a fluent shape few in kitchen ▼ step and the gap care easily♪

Kitchen sink ▼I enjoy the conversation with the important family while making kitchen ▼ kitchen work. It is the kitchen where the communication of the family is made♪

Three shares of cookers ▼The tableware of the family is shiny with kitchen ▼ Dishwasher and dryer, too. Convenience Facilities to be able to handle clearing easily, and not to be able to miss in daily life.

Bathroom ▼The bathroom which created an atmosphere with the presence of mind with bathroom ▼ accent panel ♪ Please enjoy bathtime to heal everyday fatigue!

Washstand ▼In the morning of the opening of washing face room ▼ day, I brush my teeth and set make and hair, and ... usability is three mirrors that it was thought ♪ It is very convenient for the shampoo in the washstand and everyday cleaning in a faucet with shower♪

Western-style room (about 5.6 quires) ▼It is the comfortable space where Western-style room ▼ bright sunlight comes in♪

Washroom ▼Handle a set of the hair and the makeup without stress in washing face room ▼ three mirror and seem to be able to go to the commuting attending school comfortably from morning! It is shipped with a good storage space on the back of the mirror!

Western-style room (about five quires) ▼Western-style room ▼ latest sash becomes the Pair glass and is superior in dew condensation and insulation characteristics.

Western-style room (about 5.6 quires) ▼It is two lighting to secure sunlight with full of Western-style room ▼♪

Western-style room (about five quires) ▼I am superior in Western-style room ▼ ventilation ・ lighting, and comfortable light and wind overflow.

Closet ▼Storing ▼ pillow shelf and a hanger pipe can hold important clothes in the supplied functional closet in beautiful Status!

Storeroom (about 5.6 quires) ▼In the room warm flooring of storeroom ▼ grain of wood. The good morning of the feeling seems to be reached in a bright bedroom.

Storeroom (about 8.9 quires) ▼Storeroom ▼ enough area and the room with the storing function promote initiative and the growth of the child.

Storeroom (about 5.6 quires) ▼Please in the space of the learning to be devoted to study and a favorite thing supporting the growth of storeroom ▼ child.

Storeroom (about 8.9 quires) ▼Important private space of each storeroom ▼ family. It is simple and is finished to be able to use it to a hobby.

Washstand ▼It is very convenient for the shampoo in the washstand and everyday cleaning in a faucet with washing face room ▼ shower ♪ As of course a washroom has a window, I can ventilate it and I can take outside fresh air and am comfortable♪

Terrace ▼Terrace ▼ opening-like Terrace has good view and takes solar warm warmth at the full blast.

The entrance & washstand ▼Entrance ▼ simple and modern entrance & hall. He/she receives the person whom bright space lives at good quality to let you feel a space and people visiting it pleasantly.

The entrance ▼I provided the large mirror which was indispensable to an outfit check before the entrance ▼ attendance for the entrance. The comfortable one-day opening starts with a smile

The entrance storing ▼As I have a lot of storing ▼ storing, I feel relieved even if there are a lot of shoes!

Restroom ▼In the restroom which is ecological with a restroom ▼ saving water type, it has natural Washlet now.

Parking space ▼I enlarge the plastic pool in Parking lot ▼ summer, and is it good to enjoy it with a child?

Front road ▼It is house space doing moisture of front road ▼ stylish atmosphere and nature, a living such as the friendliness wealthily.

Front road ▼Area without the building which is expensive around front road ▼. I feel the blue sky to be big.


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