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3, Shiroyama, Odawara-shi HOUSE


The appearance photograph

The 1st entrance The entrance can lock up the doors with an electric shutter

1st kitchen

The first-floor washing stand photograph

The first-floor restroom photograph

1st bathroom

1st Japanese-style room It is located in the 1st dwelling unit Chuo

1st Western-style room You can lock up the doors with an electric shutter by two lighting

1st Japanese-style room 2 This can lock up the doors with an electric shutter, too

It is a porch from 1st south side corridor It is a porch from a good corridor of the lighting

The second-floor entrance There are stairs outward

Kitchen on the second floor

Living room on the second floor

The second floor washing stand 2 It is next to the bathroom

The second-floor bathroom

Restroom on the second floor

The second-floor Western-style room

The second floor Western-style room 2

The second-floor Japanese-style room

The south side Terrace

The east side Terrace It leads to Terrace of the south side and is wide

The south side site entrance The site entrance that feels dignity

Garden photograph It is a wide garden

Garden photograph 2

茶屋処 Space of space that it is relaxing in a site

The appearance photograph Of the steel frame with the solid feeling live

The appearance photograph from the east side

The front part of south side road photograph I get the sidewalk well, too

The east side road photograph There are about 4 meters


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