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Nagamochi, Hiratsuka-shi HOUSE

HOUSE Reform & renovation

The appearance photograph Remodeled it, and was completed; can have a sneak preview slowly and carefully

The appearance photograph 2 A certain space site more than 67 tsubos

Car space Possible for three by how to stop from two cars (it depends on a car model)

The south side garden It is a sunny garden

The entrance entrance The photograph left side large mirror can open out, and slippers become the storing that they can accept

Living and dining room Mat beautiful living and dining room

The first-floor system kitchen The system kitchen which is changed, and is clean

The first-floor Dresser I get the washing face room widely

The first-floor bathroom It is the bathroom where the accent of the wall surface shines in

The first-floor Japanese-style room The modern Japanese-style room which sits down, and relaxes is next to the living and dining room

The first-floor Western-style room There are about six quires

The first-floor storeroom There are about three quires

Restroom on the first floor There is a control panel on the seat left hand side

The second-floor living and dining room Opening-like living and dining room

The second-floor system kitchen It becomes the island kitchen counter and is a sunny kitchen

The second-floor Dresser It is a wide washing face room like a washing face room on the first floor

The second-floor bathroom Stylish bathroom space

The second floor Western-style room 1 There are about six quires of west Western-style rooms

The second floor Western-style room 2 There are about six quires of east side Western-style rooms

The second floor Western-style room 3 The north side Western-style room is two lighting that there are about eight quires in

Terrace It is good Terrace of the sun

View from Terrace There is a feeling of freedom, and I let you go through, and the sun style is good

View from the north side Western-style room The front falls out, and a view is good

Restroom on the second floor It is a restroom gathered up neatly

The appearance photograph 3 I paint the outer wall ・ roof and am completed

Site east side photograph It is the east side outward appearance close to the entrance

It is photographed by the road north side I am doing Abutting road in each East ・ North ・ West in 3 direction ground

The east side front road There is the road ・ sidewalk well each

Western front road


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Surrounding map

Address Nagamochi, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap