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7, Okusawa HOUSE


Parking lot There is the area that can park three cars.

The appearance photograph It becomes the building appearance. There is the quick hedge which it grows neatly and kept.

Living I can look at the green of the park from a big window of the living relaxedly

Bath pace There is Bath pace that I come to look forward to home time.

The second-floor dining It becomes the relaxing dining relaxedly without being worried about the glance from the park.

Kitchen As for the storing that I fully did, it is a refreshing impression on a door.

Japanese-style room A round column becomes the Japanese-style room with the impressive tokonoma.

Living There is a fireplace in the corner of the space that worked of the are of the living.

Living It becomes the large living room where an arched ceiling watches the pleasure of home life of the family easily.

The second-floor dining It becomes the bright dining.

Kitchen A work top is big, and it is in the kitchen where a line of flow of takes the ease even if I work in two people, taking the ease is found.

Western-style room It becomes the Western-style room with the plentiful storing.

Western-style room It becomes the Western-style room belonging to washing face space.

Western-style room The window representing the arc becomes stylish the first-floor Western-style room.

Western-style room It becomes the good Western-style room of the ventilation by two lighting.

Washstand It becomes the large washroom brightly.

Washing face room It becomes the retro tile 貼 りの washing face room.

Bathroom Two include a window and become good bathroom of the ventilation.

Restroom It becomes the tankless refreshing impression.

Terrace It becomes the comfortable Terrace which can expect trees of park.

Back door It becomes the back door with the storing that I fully did.

The entrance It becomes the entrance full of the light.

The entrance It becomes the entrance full of the light.

Approach It becomes the approach to the entrance.

View It becomes the view from the roof. When it is spring in the park in the front, cherry blossoms are in full glory.

The roof There is the large roof.

The roof It becomes the doorway to the roof.

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