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Coop Nomura Midoriyama Hills

Condominium Unit Viewing by prior appointment

The appearance 112.53 square meters of Exclusive area, Coop Nomura Midoriyama Hills southeast corner unit

Living and dining room (there is CG furniture) ※CG composed a placement example of the furniture ・ furniture in "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared, and the image is a little different from the fact in CG based on the real room photograph and a floor plan. In addition, the furniture is not included in sales price.

Living and dining room (there is no CG furniture) ※It is "the Vacant reform image" that reappeared, and the image is a little different from the fact in CG based on the real room photograph and a floor plan.

Living and dining room LDK 26.5 quires are luxurious space with the open feeling that established two Terrace and wide bay window on the Southeast side

Living and dining room I secure big storage space to an LD and can inflect in various uses including the household appliances of the seasonal thing


Kitchen The work top is large and, as well as the making of dishes and cake, is an easy kitchen of the work including housework

Kitchen Good kitchen of the comfort that a glance arrives for the scenery from an LD and a window widely, and nature and the communication are born

Kitchen There is a gateway for a host where the coming and going is possible to service Terrace and the entrance porch directly without the room. In the case of a shopping return and Taking out garbage, it is convenient

Utility (housework room) The utility space that kitchen ・ entrance porch ・ Terrace can go back and forth. I secure a line of flow which efficiency when I perform housework is good for

Bathroom Bathroom with the window can spend the comfortable bathtime when the wind that not only is convenient for indoor drying, but also is refreshing is felt

Dresser Even if, as for the Dresser of the big one side mirror, two people equal it; easy area. The work top has room, too and, in the case of housework, is convenient as well as outfit

Restroom Restroom with a window without the feeling of pressure

Washstand in the restroom

The south side Terrace

View from the south side Terrace For Southeast corner unit, I can look around the green shining town from all Terrace

The east side Terrace

View from the east side Terrace It is the house environment that is full of green to create the cityscape that planting is beautiful

Western-style room (about 10.5 quires) Two types of closets which I can fully store. The width of the interior spreads as much as the room is cleared up clearly

Western-style room (about 10.5 quires)

Western-style room (about 10.5 quires)

View I can look around a courtyard from a Western-style room (10.5 quires)

Western-style room (about 6.9 quires) In the Western-style room facing the East, I take plentiful asahi and can meet the one-day opening comfortably

Western-style room (about 6.9 quires)


The entrance

The entrance porch A space causes with visitor time with the exclusive porch and the Many shopping return of the baggage



The appearance It is the house which can feel the seasonal change that harmonized with the green of the town

Abutting road

gourmet city Tsurukawa Midoriyama store (about 70m) A 1-minute walk

Machida Miwa post office (about 130m) A 2-minute walk

Three-wheeled Chuo Park (about 200m) A 3-minute walk

Suzuki physician's office (about 380m) A 5-minute walk

2LDK where a space is 6.0 quires of all rooms or more
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Surrounding map

Address 1, Miwamidoriyama, Machida-shi, Tokyo > GoogleMap

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