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Leo royal Tsukaguchi ekimae

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

LDK about 16.2 quires [LDK about 16.2 quires] LDK where family gathers is about 16.3 quires of spaciousness and is the stylish interior that an accent cross was given.

LDK about 16.2 quires [LDK about 16.2 quires] The dwelling unit that natural light lights up the room kindly from the afternoon facing west. You can relax relaxedly while feeling sunlight in the evening.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is the system kitchen with the dishwasher which it is easy to care for. Storing is established on top and bottom and the side of the kitchen, and a kitchen utensil or tableware are put in order clearly.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is three shares of cookers and kitchen with the grill. There is storage space under the upper part hanging closet and the sink lower ・ cooker. I can store the stock articles which a dish and pans, seasoning, Save listen to clearly.

Bathroom [bathroom] The bathroom dryer which can dry laundry in the rainy day is equipped with. It is useful for mold measures by using it after the bathing.

Dresser [Dresser] I secure storage space under the back of the triple mirror, the bowl. I can store stock and the washing face accessories such as detergents, and the faucet circumference is cleared up clearly.

Restroom [restroom] The restroom which was gathered up in clean white. There is not a feeling of pressure and I am relaxed and am available. As there is storage space on the restroom back, I can put toilet paper or a cleaning tool away.

About 6.5 quires of Western-style rooms [about 6.5 quires of Western-style rooms] The door type that is easy to look at the inside, and takes out the closet, and is smooth. There is the movable storing.

About 4.0 quires of storerooms [about 4.0 quires of storerooms] The storeroom which is about 4.0 quires is available as a living room.

The entrance [the entrance] A downlight of the flooring of the bright color and the warm Hikari is a corridor directing depth of the space. The housing part is gathered up by a calm color. The storing is abundant, too.

The appearance It is Hankyu "Tsukaguchi Station" 5-minute walk, a convenience-related good location.

The appearance The appearance

The appearance The appearance

The appearance The appearance

Entrance Entrance

Floor plan
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Address 1, Minamitsukaguchicho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo > GoogleMap