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Park Hills Mejirodai

Condominium Unit

Living The living and dining room which a Japanese-style room is next to becomes nature and the calm space spreading out of the conversation.

Kitchen I become independent from living and dining room and, for a wall charge account kitchen, am the Plan which it is hard to see of a feeling of life.

Kitchen There are a cooker and the storage space of three shares of types in the kitchen of the stylish color.

Washing face For a triple mirror, a convenient place is attractive without showing a feeling of life.

Washing face The storage space that is abundant because there is a cabinet as well as washing face Dresser.

Bus A bathroom has a slope, and even a child and the elderly can feel relieved.

Restroom The restroom where a floor with high design and a pure white wall are stylish.

The room A Japanese-style room warm in winter coolly in the summer. For a calm atmosphere, it is available as a living room for the visitor.

Storing The closet is the space where the design with the accent and the comfort of the calm atmosphere were finished.

The room The Western-style room of the hue to match the furniture of what kind of taste.

Storing The closet which the upper part can utilize.

Terrace Bright sunlight and the calm Terrace which I can touch naturally which can be relaxed.

Storing It is the closet with the united feeling in harmony with woodgraining of the flooring.

Bicycle parking lot A bicycle parking lot with a roof.

Motorcycle place A motorcycle place with a roof.

Parking lot Parking lot of the convenient horizontal placing.

Facilities The intercom with the monitor knowing the state of the visitor at first sight.

The entrance Cannot see the room from the door; private space is kept because have trouble. As-related に which the eco-carat moisture conditions is superior, I can spend an important living comfortably.

Common area The joint ownership garden which can spend time slowly at a bench.

Other The garbage place that we do not have to worry about the damage due to the crow because there is a cover.

View I can see colorful trees from Southeast ・ Southwest Terrace and am refreshing.

Facilities Facilities

Other Even as for the stroller and the wheelchair easily.

Common area Please spend time from a child care generation to the elderly leisurely.

Floor plan
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Address Teradamachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo > GoogleMap