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Mitsuzawa High town Building No. 2

Condominium Unit Viewing by prior appointment

The building appearance [Mitsuzawa High town Building No. 2] 90 Total Units of Building No. 2 is big community Mansion of all 440 Total Units consisting of five. It is sunlight "3DK" to insert dwelling unit from a 9-story bldg. 2nd floor part, the Southeast side.

The building appearance [the local appearance photograph] The pets which can live with an important pet is possible Mansion (there is breeding detailed regulations).

State of the Parking lot [Parking lot] Parking lot is established in a site. Please refer for charge, the vacant situation.

The building appearance [the local appearance photograph] Others, plural accessible lines are possible to Jr Tokaido Main Line "Yokohama" Station in an 18-minute walk. It is the location that is convenient for commuting ・ attending school, the outing of the holiday.

The meeting post [meeting post/delivery to home box] It is provided with the meeting post others for exclusive use of inhabitants, a delivery to home box. Receiving of the baggage is possible at favorite time and, regardless of at-home ・ absence, is convenient.

Pool in the site [pool in the site] A pool or a park are in the Mansion site. It is useful as a place of the communication between inhabitants and an amusement place of the child.

Park in the site [park in the site] You can spend it taking a walk, and being refreshed, and taking the communication between resident relaxedly.

State of the moving sale [Other] Moving sale comes to the site. When I cannot stretch out a foot to the supermarket, it is convenient.

Clinic (about 10m) in the Mansion [clinic in the site] It is the clinic with the clinical department of the internal medicine ・ digestive organ department. Is sudden; when is in poor physical condition, is useful when is nearby, and there is a clinic.

The House of bonesetting in the Mansion (about 10m) [the House of bonesetting in the site] It is ex-Emperor bonesetting to enter Mitsuzawa High town Building No. 1. There are a medical institution or a law office and cooperation, and the support about the traffic accident is possible. The care about the body or the experience-based classroom go, too.

Yokohama City municipal hospital (about 150m) A 2-minute walk. It is internal medicine and surgery, the pediatrics, the obstetrics and gynecology department, otolaryngology, the hospital with various clinical departments including the ophthalmology.

Lawson Yokohama City municipal hospital shop (about 210m) A 3-minute walk. When I want to buy only some time and drink which want to go shopping a little quickly, there is it to distance to be able to drop in casually.

Yokohama-shi Hiranuma memory gymnasium (about 250m) A 4-minute walk. There are a physical education room and a meeting room, reference library ・ scenic dome. Opening time/from Monday to Saturday 8:45-22:30 (use time/9:00-22:30), Sundays and holidays 8:45-21:00 (use time/9:00-21:00).

Miyatani Elementary School (about 370m) A 5-minute walk. The school education target is "the child who stares at oneself, and makes the future together". News from school introduction ・ school is published in the HP.

Miyagaya Park (about 400m) A 5-minute walk. It is the park where a compound playground equipment with a slide was installed in. There is a bench, and trees are planted.

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Surrounding map

Address Miyagaya, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap

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