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Pal Port lintel

Condominium Unit Viewing by prior appointment

The appearance [pal Port lintel] It is a 15-minute walk to JR Yokohama Line "lintel" Station. It is the condominium of 26 Reinforced Concrete ・ 5 stories ・ Total Units.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] There are a range, the elementary and junior high school to the supermarket within the range of a 7-minute walk in a 4-minute walk and is house environment suitable for child care.

Living [LDK (about 10.6 quires)] LDK becoming the main space of the life is about 10.6 quires of area. I am faced with Southwest Orientation Terrace and am bright space.

Living [LDK (about 10.6 quires)] It is living ・ dining to be able to spend in family all of you relaxedly. About two lighting, an authority of ・ style per positive is good.

Living [LDK (about 10.6 quires)] The adjacent Japanese-style room is available in a wide use including housework space and nap space, the relaxation space after a meal.

Living [LDK (about 10.6 quires)] There is a done window of the natural ventilation in the kitchen, and the bay window where an expanse of the space is felt is established.

Kitchen [kitchen] It is the kitchen of the wall charge account type that is easy to concentrate on dishes. In the wall of the kitchen circumference, a tiling resisting water is adopted.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (about six quires)] The Japanese-style room facing the Southwest Orientation Terrace is the comfortable space where sunlight comes in.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (about six quires)] Because is next to LDK, including play space and nap space of child, the housework space can utilize it widely.

Japanese-style room [Japanese-style room (about six quires)] The Japanese-style room is provided with a closet with high storing power. I can store the clothing of the thing in a bedclothing ・ cushion ・ season.

Western-style room [Western-style room (about eight quires)] You can utilize it to the use including the bedroom. It is the simple interior that is congenial to the interior of various tastes.

Western-style room [Western-style room (about eight quires)] It is about eight quires of spacious rooms. Because asahi from the Northeast side enters, it is available as master bedroom.

Western-style room [Western-style room (about eight quires)] It is a Western-style room having good ventilation by two lighting. As it is at the near position from the entrance, I can live life that activity time is different in even if a family is without minding time.

Storing [closet] It is the closet which the Western-style room (about eight quires) is provided with. The cabinet can use For own use space widely to a minimum.

Terrace [Terrace] Terrace of with balcony for drying clothes hardware. As a part facing the living is a windowpane, I can dry laundry while confirming the state of the small child who is in the living room.

View [view photograph from a dwelling unit] It is a view from Southwest Orientation Terrace. I breathe outdoor air and can be refreshed.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] The Parking lot in the site is available. The details, please feel free to contact charge or the vacant situation.

The appearance [the local appearance photograph] I show around the surrounding environment in addition. Please check real house environment locally.

Front road [the local appearance photograph] A supermarket and a convenience store are prepared within the range of a 5-minute walk. It is the house environment that is convenient for sudden shopping.

Front road View

Front road





Parking lot

Bicycle parking lot

Gyomu Super lintel store (about 240m) A 3-minute walk. The business hours are 9:00-21:00. Perishables or alcoholic beverages are handled. There is Parking lot.

You Coop Takeyama shop (about 290m) A 4-minute walk.

Lintel Hospital (about 390m) A 5-minute walk.

Green elementary school (about 260m) A 4-minute walk.

Lintel Junior High School (about 550m) A 7-minute walk.

Kamoi Station (JR East Yokohama Line) (about 1,170m) A 15-minute walk.

Because of Southwest ・ Southeast Corner Unit, it is an authority of ・ per positive-like good 3LDK dwelling unit. As there is storage space in each Western-style room ・ Japanese-style room, I can use the house space effectively.
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Surrounding map

Address 6, Kamoi, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa > GoogleMap

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