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シャレール Niiza

Condominium Unit

The appearance It is Reinforced Concrete, 5-story-above-the-ground Mansion. The applicable dwelling unit is located in the 3rd floor. Please feel free to contact us.

The appearance Life facilities are enriched in the outskirts

The appearance An authority of exposure to the sun ・ style is good in 3LDK of the third-floor partial Southwest Orientation

The appearance A super ・ convenience store ・ drugstore is within walking distance

Living and dining room You give glory to favorite interior and can make the space of restful healing with a family.

Bathroom It is provided with a counter and a storing tray to be able to put shampoo or soap.

Living A good storing to value the memory of the family, and to wait, and to be able to put

Washstand As it is located near the entrance, I can go directly to a bathroom as the dirty clothing after the return. It is the Plan which was considered on a hygiene side without letting you bring outside virus or pollen into living and the living room.

Kitchen The L-form kitchen which a line of flow is short, and can work quickly. Please put spicery in the section.

Restroom It is the restroom space that is clean in a natural taste.

Japanese-style room If it is the top of the tender tatami mat, even if a child falls down, it is hard to be hurt and is reliable.

About 4.5 quires of Western-style rooms 3LDK of the third-floor partial Southwest Orientation

The entrance There is a counter on the right hand side which entered at the entrance. You can utilize it as interior space to display miscellaneous goods of slight baggage place としてや, a flower and the Favorite.

Corridor Storing is established in a corridor and can utilize house space effectively.

View An authority of exposure to the sun ・ style is good


The appearance Use of 2 line 2 Station is possible

Entrance It is an entrance receiving the return of inhabitants elegantly warmly.


Parking lot It is the Parking lot in the site

Parking lot It is the Parking lot in the site

Bicycle parking lot It is the bicycle parking lot in the site

The Mansion site I am cleaned carefully and can ask about good management Status.

OK Nobidome, Niiza store (about 790m) To the OK Nobidome, Niiza shop which is nice for busy mom, it is a 10-minute walk!

Hatanaka playground (about 90m) It is glad that distance to be able to go out to play with a child immediately includes a park♪

SUGI drug Niiza store (about 210m) It is a 3-minute walk to SUGI drug Niiza store

FamilyMart Niiza Hatanaka two orders eyes shop (about 250m) It is a 4-minute walk from about 250m to a FamilyMart Niiza Hatanaka two orders eyes shop. When a convenience store open for 24 hours is within walking distance, it is convenient to be able to drop in at at the time of commuting ・ attending school casually.

The Niiza City fourth elementary school (about 1,340m) The child can go without unreasonableness soon to the Niiza City fourth elementary school with a 17-minute walk, too

Niiza City Niiza junior high school (about 1,820m) The full child care environment where is equipped with an educational facility before a 23-minute walk

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Surrounding map

Address 1, Hatanaka, Niiza-shi, Saitama > GoogleMap