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Cosmo Shiki Royal Forum

Condominium Unit

The appearance Use of 2 Station is possible. It is a 15-minute walk to/Tobu Tojo Line "Yanasegawa" Station to Tobu Tojo Line "Shiki" Station in a 16-minute walk.

Living You give glory to favorite interior and can make the space of restful healing with a family.

Kitchen You can use delicious water anytime because it is provided with a water purifier and can reduce the burden to purchase heavy water.

Washstand I secure storage space under the back of the triple mirror, the bowl. I can store stock and the washing face accessories such as detergents, and the faucet circumference is cleared up clearly.

Bus It is provided with a counter and a storing tray to be able to put shampoo or soap. With bathroom dryer, weather makes an outstanding performance as a laundry drying place of the bad day. I can do it, and moisture measures or the mold-proof prevention after the bathing are hygienic, too.

Restroom The restroom where a feeling of cleanliness based on white is felt. For simple interior, you can customize it in a favorite atmosphere on a restroom cover or mat.

Living LDK to be able to enjoy various layouts. To a feeling and a lifestyle, the making of space that can spend time pleasantly is possible.

Japanese-style room The closet can hold not only the bedclothing but also the cushion for the customer and the clothing of the off-season. Because there is depth, it seems to be able to inflect as a place for home electric appliances and disaster prevention goods.

Japanese-style room The nap space where the Japanese-style room spread the soft J can relax with a child slowly

Western-style room 1 It is provided with the closet which I can fully store including clothing and the bedclothing. Choices made with a room seem to increase because I can use the house space widely.

Western-style room 2 For simple interior, I can enjoy the interior of the favorite taste.

Garden for exclusive use of the Terrace ・ It is glad to be able to play with a child at ease in a garden on a day not to be able to go to the park

Exclusive garden The first floor part belonging to exclusive garden

The entrance There is a counter on the right hand side which entered at the entrance. You can utilize it as interior space to display miscellaneous goods of slight baggage place としてや, a flower and the Favorite.

Parking lot Parking lot is in the site.

Parking lot Parking lot is in the site. It is provided with individual lane and gate and is a design considered in a security aspect.

Bicycle parking lot It is the bicycle parking lot in the site

Garbage place

Entrance An intercom and the auto-lock system with the TV monitor are adopted and support a safe living.

Approach It is an entrance receiving the return of inhabitants elegantly warmly.

The appearance photograph It is the Facing South dwelling unit with the exclusive garden of the location in the quiet residential area.

The appearance

Front road It is the wide front road so as to join hands with a child, and to line up, and to be able to walk

Shiki Station (about 1,250m) Use of 2 Station is possible. It is a 15-minute walk to/Tobu Tojo Line "Yanasegawa" Station to Tobu Tojo Line "Shiki" Station in a 16-minute walk.

The Shiki City third elementary school (about 400m) It is about 5 minutes on foot from the Shiki City third elementary school.

Shiki City Shiki junior high school (about 250m) It is about 4 minutes on foot from Shiki City Shiki junior high school.

INAGEYA Kashiwacho, Shiki store (about 500m) It is about 7 minutes on foot from INAGEYA Kashiwacho, Shiki store. It is convenient for shopping.

Viva Home Shiki store (about 560m) It is about 7 minutes on foot from Viva Home Shiki store. It is convenient for the shopping such as daily necessities.

Seven-Eleven 4, Kashiwacho, Shiki store (about 650m) Seven-Eleven 4, Kashiwacho, Shiki store is about 9 minutes on foot.

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Surrounding map

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