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New Price Tajima, Asaka house

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance It is Reinforced Concrete, 5-story-above-the-ground condominium. The applicable dwelling unit is located on the fourth floor. Please feel free to contact us.

Living LDK of the good Southeast Orientation per positive. It is simple interior to harmonize with the interior of various tastes. You can enjoy interior of the Favorite including the setting of the favorite lighting.

Living You give glory to favorite interior and can make the space of restful healing with a family.

Living There is a movable shelf in the living room.

Living LDK to be able to enjoy various layouts. To a feeling and a lifestyle, the making of space that can spend time pleasantly is possible.

Kitchen It is provided with three shares of IH cookers which is available for plural cooking. Perform housework efficiently and can enjoy the time for hobby and time for pleasure of home life with the family in the time that I had free.

Kitchen It is the system kitchen which it is easy to care for. Storing is established in the top and bottom of the kitchen, and a kitchen utensil or tableware are put in order clearly.

Kitchen The family who is in the living room and the kitchen which I can cook while talking.

Kitchen I can enjoy a conversation with the family who spends time in living while working in a kitchen.

Washing face A washing machine depot is established beside Dresser and can operate a washing machine while fixing the outfit at busy time in the morning.

Washing face It is a washing face room clean brightly.

Bus I can wash it in peace in the season when a rainy day continues with bathroom dryer. It seems to be useful for the washing of the sudden dirty things of the child. A shelf to be able to put shampoo and soap does not have to put a thing on the floor in what is installed and is clean.

Restroom It is with a toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user and is available comfortably every day. A shelf is established in the upper restroom and can receive stock and a cleaning tool of the toilet paper.

The Terrace side Western-style room It is the simple interior design which is easy to coordinate the interior. To a hobby and taste, you can enjoy the making of favorite room.

The Terrace side Western-style room As a hanger pipe can hang clothes, it seems to be easy to decide everyday coordinates. There is a pillow shelf and I classify accessories and am packable.

The Terrace side Western-style room It is easy all rooms cushion floor specifications of the cleaning. The interior is settled for soft color taste to be easy to match it with the interior of what kind of taste.

The entrance side Western-style room There is enough area and is recommended as master bedroom.

The entrance side Western-style room You employ a desk and can utilize it as at-home work space and library space.

Terrace I can watch scenery with a feeling of opening. There is not an expensive building blocking the view and, on the day when it was fine, can enjoy scenery

Terrace It is Terrace facing LDK and Western-style room two rooms. An authority of exposure to the sun ・ style is good.

The entrance Shoes box is on the left side included at the entrance. You can utilize it as interior space to display miscellaneous goods of slight baggage place としてや, a flower and the Favorite.

The entrance It is the corridor of the bright impression. There is a door between entrance and LDK and the eyes from the entrance are hard to arrive and can secure the privacy of the family.

Asaka ninth Elementary School (about 830m) It is a 11-minute walk to Asaka ninth Elementary School.

Asaka second Junior High School (about 1,090m) It is a 14-minute walk to Asaka second Junior High School. The full child care environment where an educational facility is even on within a 14-minute walk

Cross it, and wait; mall あさか (about 900m) Cross it, and wait; a 12-minute walk from mall あさかまで.

Floor plan
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Surrounding map

Address 2, Tajima, Asaka-shi, Saitama > GoogleMap