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Fujimi new life

Condominium Unit Reform & renovation

The appearance photograph It is a 7-minute walk to Tobu Tojo Line "Yanasegawa" Station. Green and water and environment to be endowed with in the sky.

Living You give glory to favorite interior and can make the space of restful healing with a family.

Kitchen It is the system kitchen which it is easy to care for. Storing is established in the top and bottom of the kitchen, and a kitchen utensil or tableware are put in order clearly.

Bus It is provided with a counter and a storing tray to be able to put shampoo or soap.

Washstand I secure storage space under the back of the triple mirror, the bowl. I can store stock and the washing face accessories such as detergents, and the faucet circumference is cleared up clearly.

Restroom The restroom where a feeling of cleanliness based on white is felt. For simple interior, you can customize it in a favorite atmosphere on a restroom cover or mat.

Terrace Exposure to the sun is good because of the third-floor part for Southwest

Terrace A day hits until the late time of the afternoon, and, as for the Terrace of the Southwest Orientation, laundry dries well.

View Green and water and a view and environment to be endowed with in the sky

Living LDK to be able to enjoy various layouts. To a feeling and a lifestyle, the making of space that can spend time pleasantly is possible.

Living Intercom with TV monitor which is convenient in a visitor

Living You give glory to favorite interior and can make the space of restful healing with a family.

Living Comfortable space to gather if a family is natural in the large living room

Western-style room 1 It is the simple interior design which is easy to coordinate the interior. To a hobby and taste, you can enjoy the making of favorite room.

Western-style room 1 Storage space is established and can utilize space effectively widely.

Western-style room I am faced with Southwest Terrace and am the room where natural light is felt.

Western-style room It is area with a space even if I locate a bed. For simple interior, I can enjoy the interior of the favorite taste.

Japanese-style room If it is the top of the tender tatami mat, even if a child falls down, it is hard to be hurt and is reliable.

Japanese-style room The Japanese-style room of the living side is good to the kids space where a child can play with all one's might!

Japanese-style room A time to relax in ほっこりできる Japanese-style room

The entrance The entrance storing that I can fully store shoes in is included and seems to be able to keep the entrance clearly.

The entrance


Delivery to home box There is a delivery to home box and can get baggage even in absence

Elevator There is elevator two setting.

Entrance I consider a security side with an intercom with TV monitor.


Parking lot

Bicycle parking lot in facilities

Garbage place

The appearance photograph A delivery to home box is installed. Receipt of goods is possible and can go out even in absence without minding delivery time. It is convenient Facilities to be able to utilize when I am tied up.

The appearance photograph

The appearance photograph

The appearance photograph

The appearance photograph The quiet residential area that is full of green is good to a child care family

Front road

Mizutanihigashi Elementary School (about 1,340m) The child can go without unreasonableness soon to Mizutanihigashi Elementary School with a 17-minute walk, too

Mizutani Junior High School (about 1,440m) The full child care environment where is equipped with an educational facility before an 18-minute walk

The Tobu Tojo Line "Yanasegawa" Station east exit (about 400m) It is a 5-minute walk to Tobu Tojo Line "Yanasegawa" Station

Summit store Yanasegawa ekimae shop (about 700m) To the summit store Yanasegawa ekimae shop which is nice for busy mom, it is a 9-minute walk!

恵愛病院 (about 300m) 恵愛病院 of 4-minute walk when it is rushed for the fever of the sudden child immediately

Seven-Eleven Yanasegawa ekimae shop (about 600m) It is an 8-minute walk from about 600m to a Seven-Eleven Yanasegawa ekimae shop. When a convenience store open for 24 hours is within walking distance, it is convenient to be able to drop in at at the time of commuting ・ attending school casually.

Floor plan
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Surrounding map

Address Enokicho, Fujimi-shi, Saitama > GoogleMap